Jeffrey Hansler

Jeffrey Hansler

Speaker: Jeffrey Hansler

 Sought after Sales Speaker, Consultant and Author


  • You Make It Happen
  • Cloning the Million Dollar Sales Rep
  • The Competitive Advantage in Customer Service
  • Negotiation’s Magnificent Eight
  • Selling Green: Changing Hearts, Minds, and the Environment Openly
  • Life is a Funny Thing
  • Turning High Level Sales Talk into Everyday Language

Jeffrey has been consulting since 1983, training since 1988, and professionally speaking since 1994. His first book was published in 2002. His clients include VISA, Pacificare, Aetna, Prudential, MTV, Alaska Airline, First National, CIA, Del Webb, Boeing, Honda, Quantum, and AT&T.

He was a top sales representative for Apple Computer. Vice President of Sales for Holland Automation, an international accounting and manufacturing software company, and then promoted to President of North American distribution where he tripled revenue and expanded growth into Mexico and South America.

His extensive work experience with personnel, sales, management, distribution, and finance provides the necessary skill set and the knowledge proven practices from a conglomerate of industries for training and consulting to organizations.

His desire is to share the discoveries he’s experienced regarding persuasive communication so that you can put them to use for you, your organization, and the ones you love.

His skills have come from his journey. After becoming a leading salesman (he began in the accounting department) for Apple Computer, he joined a smaller company with a new technology as National Sales Manager.

You Make It Happen

This is the program most requested by organizations. One reason is that it is readily adaptable to a myriad of themes and messages for conferences and events. The result is an audience standing in appreciation not only for this program, but for your entire event.

This powerful and motivational presentation will delight your group into taking the actions needed to further success. You Make It Happen takes the audience on a humorous journey of building better communication skills. Throughout the program Jeffrey includes stories that will encourage, provide insight, and share light-hearted examples of putting the new skills to work in both professional and personal situations.

Those attending will experience the power of real stories about rebuilt attitudes and positive actions. They know after experiencing this program that they, indeed, Make It Happen!

The program includes planning, agreement, personality approaches, the power of questions, and four specific skills to persuade.

Cloning the Million Dollar Sales Rep
This program provides sales managers and executives the insights they need to build a winning team. The program presents unique aspects of the five characteristics that make multi-million dollar sales reps. The program is designed to be either product or service (or both) oriented for the benefit of the attendees.

During the delivery of this entertaining and humorous program Jeffrey shares tools to interview, hire, train, retain, and evaluate sales staff for success. It’s a bottom-line program with top-line appeal.

The program includes material and perspectives that make a difference on attitudes, positioning, time-management, effective inquiry, addressing needs and values, and follow-up.

The Competitive Advantage in Customer Service
With the economy flat in so many industries, organizations are looking to customer retention with renewed interest. They want to avoid the loss of any customer more than ever.

This motivational presentation delivers powerful persuasive communication techniques that even the most passive individual in your organization can adapt and use immediately. Everyone is part of your organizations success and with the insights shared in this program, it becomes clear that the model works thoughout an entire organization.

The program includes dealing with difficult situations, demonstrating understanding, and techniques to increase customer commitment and provide a competitive advantage in customer service.

Negotiation’s Magnificent Eight

This program shares the 8 Negotiation Techniques that are the foundation for every negotiation tactic used by the experts. Wrapped in funny examples that provide an incentive to practice and learn these skills, Jeffrey takes the attendees on a journey of discovery.

This program is a valuable experience for any group that communicates in a situation where negotiation skills come in handy – hey, that’s about every situation there is!

From the beginning of the program, attendees gain new insights into the communication skills involved in the process of negotiation.

Selling Green: Changing Hearts, Minds, and the Environment Openly

While green may be the hot topic, unless you can ‘sell’ your Green Initiatives, you won’t be in the position to affect your company’s impact on global warming. The reality is ‘Green’ decisions are complex and involve more than being efficient, driving a hybrid or not printing an email. In fact, the conflict of industry demands and being green is more than ‘an inconvenient truth’: It can be downright mind-boggling. How do you deal with the paradox of being ‘Green’ when you’re an airline, a printer, an exhibit company, a destination location, a manufacturer, and your very products and services have a highly visible carbon footprint.

When you picture the discussions about green initiatives in your organization, do you see yourself winning over the hearts and minds of others? In most cases, it will be necessary to win several engagements to advance you’re company’s position in a world desiring green.

Won’t you be in a stronger position for your next meeting, the boardroom, or at a press conference, if you have a highly developed persuasive thought process and communication strategy? During the last 20 years, Jeffrey Hansler has perfected a ‘change communication’ model for selling products, services and ideas.

In this straight to the point session, master negotiation and persuasion guide Jeffrey Hansler, applies persuasion training to advancing green initiatives within your organization. You will work with three powerful tools to convince your company to:

  • Invest upfront for green initiatives (called Additionality)
  • Engage in full disclosure regarding green initiatives (transparency)
  • Use current assets innovatively to multiply green actions
  • Overcome the six top barriers to implementing green ideas in your organization
  • Initiate carbon footprint measuring of their products and services in advance of public / government demands

When company executives hear ROI, they grab their wallets because they know ROI generally means spending upfront money – a issue even in a strong economy. If you can’t convince them to invest in your ideas and the ultimate payoff, then there will be no ROI. Come to this session and discover what you need to know to be powerfully persuasive: It will put green in your pocket as well as in your organization.

The program includes mind-reading, conversation postulates, and power questioning skills to persuade.

Life is a Funny Thing

This program provides the laughter needed to put a smile on everyone’s face and a glow in their hearts. Painting humorous pictures that anyone can relate to, this lighthearted look at life and its challenges will refresh the audience, as they laugh themselves into a new perspective on life.

Turning High Level Sales Talk into Everyday Language

This program is specifically designed to help those highly technical salespeople learn to focus on sales versus ‘tech’ speak. The program shares the success skills every salesperson needs to find, progress, and close a sale. Carefully crafted stories lead to demonstrations and exercises that really create a foundation for a salesperson to improve their selling ability. The program is an eye opener for what works and will provide the seasoned sales professional insights into what they are already doing from an entirely different perspective, which often provides them a key insight to attain their next level.

This program is designed to be a refreshing break from product and technical sales curriculum while focusing on delivering sales and profit results.


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