Jeremy Siegel

Speaker Jeremy Siegel Keynotes on Economics & Finance

Jeremy Siegel

Speaker Jeremy Siegel Keynotes on Economics & Finance

Speaker: Jeremy Siegel

Author of The Future for Investors and Stocks for the Long Run, the legendary Jeremy Siegel offers sage economic advice for today’s economic climate

Speech Topics Include:

  • What Goes Down, Will Come Back Up: What’s Ahead for the Markets Now?
  • Investing in a Global Marketplace
  • Are Stocks Still Right for the Long Run?
  • What are Stocks Really Worth?

One of the most sophisticated personal finance experts in the country, keynote speaker Jeremy Siegel goes well beyond the basic issues and beyond the business page. He analyzes every facet of the market and helps you create a strategy that builds on changing trends, historic patterns and his industry-tested personal ability to chart the global economic shifts to come. A regular columnist for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine and Yahoo! Finance and contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and The Financial Times, Siegel provides a penetrating look at the forces shaping today’s markets. A frequent guest on CNN, CNBC and NPR, Siegel delivers unique and practical insights to financial experts and novices alike. In a worldwide ranking of business professors, Prof. Siegel recently received BusinessWeek’s highest rating.

What Goes Down, Will Come Back Up: What’s Ahead for the Markets Now?

The notion that falling stocks are penance for an economy built on indebtedness is overblown. There is nothing intrinsic in the world economy that has lost its productivity. Prof. Siegel diagnoses the causes of the current crisis and the prospects for recovery. Jeremy Siegel, a renowned professor of finance at the Wharton School and a regular commentator on major network and cable news and regular columnist for major financial publications encourages investors to take heart. Called the “Wizard of Wharton” and one of the world’s keenest financial minds, Siegel has an unshakable belief that brighter days are ahead for Wall Street. He shares his incredible insights on today’s latest financial news and what is ahead for not only Wall Street, but for investors and business.

Investing in a Global Marketplace

As the global marketplace blossoms into a reality, investors need to understand its perils and pitfalls. Is Asia becoming an economic powerhouse, or merely a paper tiger? How do quickly growing countries trap investors into poor returns? Jeremy Siegel gives an overview of what lies ahead for international investors as the borderless economy begins to emerge.

Are Stocks Still Right for the Long Run?

Given the current market, doubt in the soundness of the stock market has crept in among investors. Siegel takes a critical look at current and future earnings of the S&P 500 Index and reviews historical returns and what investors should expect from their investments today.

What are Stocks Really Worth?

How should we value stocks in today’s market? What level of PE can current companies justify? Siegel examines warranted price-to-earnings ratios by looking back at the original Nifty-Fifty.

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