Jerry Markbreit

Jerry Markbreit

Speaker: Jerry Markbreit

Former NFL referee and speaker


  • Teamwork for success in an environment of risk and change

Jerry Markbreit worked for the 3M Company for 38 years. As Trade and Barter Manager he daily negotiated and traded millions of dollars of advertising, media time, materials, etc. with corporations throughout the globe. That position, unique in the business world, combined with his experience as one of only fifteen National Football League referees, has given him the background to develop an interesting and worthwhile message for professional groups.

After officiating football for nine years, Markbreit became a member of the Big Ten Football officiating staff. His most memorable games in the Big Ten include:

The 1966 Notre Dame/Michigan State National Championship Game (10 10) tie; The 1972 Rose Bowl game between Stanford and Michigan; Six Ohio State/Michigan games, including the 1971 (10 7); Michigan victory when Woody Hayes stormed the field in the “first national tirade.”

He became a National Football League Line Judge in 1976; and in 1977 was promoted to NFL Referee. He is the only referee to officiate four Super Bowls; SUPER BOWL XVII between Washington and Miami, SUPER BOWL XXI between Denver and the New York Giants, SUPER BOWL XXVI between Buffalo and Washington and SUPER BOWL XXIX between San Francisco and San Diego. 1996 will be Markbreit’s 40th consecutive season of football officiating and his 20th year in the NFL.

Markbreit wrote a weekly football column for the Chicago Sun Times for several years while working college football; and in 1973 wrote The Armchair Referee published by Doubleday & Company. In 1988 his autobiography entitled Born to Referee was published by the William Morrow Company.

Teamwork for success in an environment of risk and change


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