Jesse Cole Savannah Bananas – Keynote Speaker

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Jesse Cole Savannah Bananas – Keynote Speaker

Jesse Cole Savannah Bananas founder and owner of Fans First Entertainment . The Savannah Bananas have sold out every game since their first season and have a waitlist for tickets in the thousands.

The team has built a social media following in the millions including becoming known as TikTok’s favorite team with over 2 million followers.

jesse cole speaker
Jesse Cole Savannah Bananas

Jesse has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, MSNBC, ESPN, HBO Real Sports and once at his son’s show and tell.

He is the proud inventor of Banana Ball and Dolce and Banana Underwear and not-so-proud promoter of the Human Horse Race and Flatulence Fun Night.

Jesse is the author of two best selling books, Find Your Yellow Tux and Fans First. He’s been featured on over 1000 podcasts and delivers keynote speeches all over the world sharing the Fans First experience.

Jesse Cole Savannah Bananas Keynote Topic 

Three Words That Will Transform Your Business (Customized for your audience)

How to design the ultimate customer experience. Jesse holds a planning meeting with you to customize his full show performance for your audience, so that you get insights that are effective in your industry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate your current customer map and customer journey.
  • Learn how to create Raving Fans that are loyal instead of customers that are transactional.
  • Using Raving Fans & Customer for Life techniques, you will learn to map the perfect customer journey with your company.
  • How to develop the Fans First mentality to create attention and word of mouth marketing from your biggest supporters.
  • Discover how to never lose a customer again with a step by step plan to Wow your customers even after the sale.

Jesse Cole’s Books:

jesse cole keynote

Packed with behind-the-peel stories, hard-earned lessons, and a few other surprises, Fans First teaches you how to stand out in your marketplace, drive explosive growth, and inspire fanatical loyalty.

If this all sounds bananas, that’s the point. Normal leaders read normal books and get normal results. But if you’re ready to change the game, break the rules, and create your own unforgettable team, then it’s time to go Fans First.

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In Find Your Yellow Tux, Jesse Cole, in-demand speaker and baseball ringleader, shares how you can achieve amazing things by doing the unexpected. Using examples from his life and the lives of his heroes—P. T. Barnum, Walt Disney, and MLB owner Bill Veeck—Cole shows how to reinvigorate your goals, reignite your passions, and excel in business and beyond.The time to break the mold is now—with Find Your Yellow Tux, you’ll discover how to find joy and success in everything you do.


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