John Crudele

John Crudele

Speaker: John Crudele

Powerful speaker for youth, educator, association and administrator conferences and events, Author of Making Sense of Adolescence, Chicken Soup for the Soul contributing author.


  • Difference Makers!
  • We’re All Leaders
  • Choose Life Choose Love, Choose You
  • Be the Best You Can Be
  • Go Make Some Memories

Internationally celebrated speaker John Crudele has delivered over 4,500 programs to more than two million people, for over 25 years on topics such as student motivation and leadership, making wise choices, peer pressure, drug and alcohol prevention, teen sex and relationships, abstinence, bullying, depression, teen suicide, self esteem and more.

John speaks from a depth of real life experience, yet his passion for youth keeps him current to the topics of today. His humorous and sensitive messages help his listeners navigate through life. His books, experience and informational resources are lifelines for parents, educators and administrators around the world.

  • Profound motivator and educational authority
  • Author of Making Sense of Adolescence
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul contributing author
  • Teen Power series contributing author
  • Founder of Partnership for Youth
  • Frequent radio and TV guest
  • Powerful speaker for youth, educator, association and administrator conferences and events

Difference Makers!

In this practical and empowering keynote, John Crudele  sets a vision for educators to see the incredible difference they make in the lives of their students. His delivery captivates and motivates with humor, honesty and a look inside that empowers the process of personal and professional growth.

John’s Presentations help Educators and Administrators:

  • Value the difference they make in the lives of their students
  • Discover the seven attributes of self worth
  • Reinforce effective communication skills
  • Address burnout and recreate “spark” in the classroom
  • Explore ways to love the unlovable
  • Celebrate the personal gift of being an educator

We’re All Leaders

Are you creating pathways or roadblocks in your life? That’s just one of the questions John Crudele  raises in his leadership keynotes. His presentations help students discover their own strengths in their journey toward satisfaction and success. Each high-energy, interactive event gets straight to the heart of any audience, and inspires tomorrow’s leaders today.

John’s leadership messages help young people:  

  • Gain a clear sense of their self worth
  • Take ownership of their actions
  • Understand the realities of their choices
  • Discover the keys to personal freedom
  • Learn the characteristics of leadership
  • Grow the leadership skills within
  • Learn the key steps in the success process

Choose Life Choose Love, Choose You (Grades 7-12)

John Crudele  mesmerizes teen audiences with his straight talk and contagious humor. His passion for youth translates into thought-provoking, caring messages. Talking their language, John breaks down barriers, exposing misinformation on drugs, alcohol, sex and relationships. Students leave with a clear understanding of their unique value, the consequences of their choices, and answers to many teen life questions.

John’s Presentations:

  • Challenge students to look at the attitudes and beliefs directing their lives
  • Help students appreciate their own unique value and that of others
  • Take the power out of peer pressure
  • Explore the realities of alcohol, drugs, sex and relationships
  • Equip students with a clear sense of how choices relate to consequences
  • Empower students to take responsibility for their actions
  • Develop the courage to make tough choices
  • Inspire students to make a difference in their lives

Be the Best You Can Be (Kindergarten-Grade 6)

John Crudele  speaks directly into the hearts of young children today with his energetic, funny and fast-paced presentations. Students actively participate as they soak up his messages about making great choices, accepting themselves, and respecting peers, parents and teachers. Kids have fun when they listen to John, and are completely spellbound as they relate to John’s humor, honest stories and caring manner.

John’s Messages:

  • Build students’ self-worth and self-respect
  • Inform kids on the consequences of tobacco, marijuana, alcohol and other drugs
  • Encourage kids to make healthy choices and recognize life’s dangers
  • Emphasize the need for rules in their lives
  • Teach children the importance of honoring teachers and adults
  • Help children understand their unique and special value
  • Uncover the hurtful impact of teasing and bullying

Go Make Some Memories

With candor and signature wit, John Crudele  helps parents address the issues children face in our fast-paced, media-driven culture. Kids today can see right through tired, inadequate answers. John unravels the truth through their eyes, helping parents to understand and connect. Most of all, John’s presentations give parents confidence in their own ability to guide their children through these important growing up years.

  • Reinforce the communication process between parents and children
  • Help parents develop confidence in the influence they have on their children
  • Explore how children know they are loved
  • Illustrate how a child’s self worth is shaped and nurtured
  • Equip parents for raising children in our changing and challenging society
  • Offer applicable information about alcohol abuse, drug abuse and the pressures of dating
  • Offer practical, real-life strategies for families that can be put to use right away


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