John Krubski

John Krubski

Speaker: John Krubski

The Practical Futurist, Actionable Fast-Track Innovation Strategies & Tactics


  • The future, innovation, and change
  • New insights into small business USA
  • The America Code
  • The Gen6 Factor
  • American Egonomics
  • Retail 2.0
  • Persuasion 2.0
  • Thought leadership Marketing

With the publication of CRACKING THE AMERICA CODE; a plan for getting US back on track, John Krubski ushers in a new era of understanding how Americans make the decisions they make and why they value what they value. Grounded in original research encompassing more than 35,000 Americans, the insights behind the book can be applied to marketing, advertising, management, motivation, economics, politics, and persuasion across a broad spectrum of issues and applications.

John Krubski has been described as “a futurist with his feet on the ground.” For more than twenty-five years he has been helping businesses and organizations large and small to think their way into a better future based on original and innovative research insights. He is an expert on owning, managing, or marketing to small business USA and offers a vision of what lies ahead for America’s retailers and brands at retail.

Now you can offer your clients a fresh perspective on the Eight Cultureographies of American consumers, shoppers, voters, employees, and small business owners. They can also get a comprehensive perspective on Millennials and Homelands (the next generation ahead) in the context of the Gen6 Factor (six contemporary generations living, shopping, and redefining American society side by side).

The future, innovation, and change 

a new view on how to get there that includes a formula for the future

New insights into small business USA

practical information and new ideas on how to manage or market to small business America


How it plays out in management, marketing, politics, society, and more

The Gen6 Factor 

A comprehensive new view of America’s 6 contemporaneous generations and how that affects….. everything!

American Egonomics 

How the economy is a figment of our collective imagination, how we continually afflict ourselves with what we believe, and more

Retail 2.0

Why the time has come to build brands at retail and how to do that through Brand-Active Shopper Communications

Persuasion 2.0 

A whole new set of insights and tools to get people to do what you want them to do grounded in original research and perspectives

Thought leadership Marketing 

How to use what you know to differentiate yourself without spending a fortune on advertising


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