John Sileo

Speaker John Sileo internet security & fraud keynote speaker

John Sileo

Speaker John Sileo internet security & fraud keynote speaker

Speaker: John Sileo

Identity Theft Prevention Expert & Keynote Speaker

Speech Topics Include:

  • Spies, Hackers and Online Attackers
  • “Think Like a Spy” Crash Course
  • Fraud Jujitsu Bootcamp
  • Online Reputation Strategies
  • Bulletproof Your Business Against Breach
  • The 7 Secrets of Safe Social Networking
  • Your Financial Practice as Hero
  • Ethical Corporate Espionage

Speaker John Sileo’s identity was stolen by a business insider and used to embezzle $300,000 from his clients. The exposure destroyed John’s company and consumed two precious years as he fought to stay out of jail. Combining real-world experience with years of study, John became an award-winning author, trusted advisor and leading speaker on managing privacy and reputation in an economy plagued by digital overexposure.

John leverages his story of transforming risk into reward and the emotional connections it creates to evoke the skills of instinct, inquiry, and initiative that empower his clients to take control of their data exposure before it’s too late. John is the CEO of The Sileo Group, which advises clients on balancing risk, defending privacy and multiplying profits by building a culture of deep trust.

John’s body of work includes engagements with the Pentagon, USA Today, Blue Cross, the FDIC, Pfizer, 60 Minutes, Homeland Security, AARP, Anderson Cooper, Prudential, The Washington Post, the Federal Reserve, Fox Business and organizations of all sizes.

John graduated from Harvard University with honors and spends his free time with his amazing wife and two highly spirited daughters.

Spies, Hackers and Online Attackers 
Bulletproofing Your Privacy and Profits in the Information Economy

“Think Like a Spy” Crash Course 
Aggressive Identity Theft and Fraud Countermeasure

Fraud Jujitsu Bootcamp 
Manipulation Defense and Persuasion Preparation

Online Reputation Strategies 
Building, Defending and Extending Your Digital Identity

Bulletproof Your Business Against Breach 
Extinguishing Unprofitable Privacy and Security Hotspots

The 7 Secrets of Safe Social Networking 
Harnessing Social Media without Sacrificing Security

Your Financial Practice as Hero 
Leveraging Privacy and Security to Increase Your Profits

Ethical Corporate Espionage
Using Digital Intelligence to Your Competitive Advantage


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