Kay Koplovitz

Kay Koplovitz

Speaker: Kay Koplovitz

Founder, USA Networks, Principal, Koplovitz & Company, Author and, Entrepreneur


  • Ethics: Where Oh Where Have they Gone?
  • Leaders : Effective Qualities of Successful Leadership
  • The Art of Mentoring
  • The Power of Ideas
  • The Roadmap to a Successful Life
  • Power Mentoring: Why the Most Successful Engage

An entrepreneur who founded the successful cable TV franchise USA Networks, she is the author of, Bold Women, Big Ideas which she wrote to inform and inspire women entrepreneurs to create wealth through equity. In her speeches, Koplovitz she gives her expert advice on formulating a successful business plan or winning pitch and on sizing up today’s investors. She uses examples of pioneering women entrepreneurs and provides inspiration and advice to anyone who wants to launch and finance a new business venture. The glossary and practical list of resources at the end of the book will help beginners get started learning about and finding venture capital. The book is written in a crisp, businesslike tone but with numerous glimmers of humor; current and wannabe entrepreneurs will gain information, understanding and appreciation of how business works in today’s economy.

One of her most recent undertakings, Springboard Enterprises, has presented 350 companies that have raised $3.7 billion in new capital within the last six years. She also co-founded Boldcap Ventures, a venture capital fund backed exclusively by leading women executives. Boldcap invests principally in early to mid stage companies in the media, technology, and healthcare sectors. Always advancing professional women, Koplovitz co-founded The Directors’ Council, a search firm founded to fulfill the need for independent and qualified director candidates. Koplovitz counts among her accomplishments the Presidential appointment as Chair of National Women’s Business Council (1998-2001).

Ethics: Where Oh Where Have they Gone?

Koplovitz will discuss the changing moral judgment landscape, where it has led us and how we get back on track. This involves case study review and discussion, and how to deal with contentious board members. It applies to everything from start ups to Fortune 500 boards.

Leaders : Effective Qualities of Successful Leadership

What can be learned about leadership and applied to create success? Koplovitz gives a fact based and admired traits from the best in class leaders.

The Art of Mentoring

The presentation teaches the rules of engagement and how to succeed at mentoring. Surprisingly, many mentors do not know what precisely is expected of them. This is a session about being a successful mentor.

The Power of Ideas

This is the story of turning a powerful idea into the first and one of the most successful media businesses of our time, USA Network, Sci-Fi, USA International. People always ask Koplovitz, how did you do it? Here are the answers.

The Roadmap to a Successful Life

Power Mentoring: Why the Most Successful Engage


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