Keith Ferrazzi

Speaker Keith Ferrazzi business author and business keynote speaker

Keith Ferrazzi

Speaker Keith Ferrazzi business author and business keynote speaker

Speaker: Keith Ferrazzi

Founder CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, Author #1 New York Times “Never East alone” and speaker


  • Who’s Got Your Back
  • Building Your Personal Brand in the Marketplace
  • Relationships for Leadership Success
  • Relationship Selling in a Downturn Market

Author, of Who’s Got Your Back, the # 1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestseller. Keyntoe speaker Keith Ferrazzi is one of the rare individuals to The world’s foremost expert and business keynote speaker on relationship development, Keith Ferrazzi is the author of Who’s Got Your Back, the # 1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestseller.

Speaker Keith Ferrazzi transformed professional networking with his first book, the best-sellingNever Eat Alone, which shared the secret of his impressive climb to the top: deep generosity, powerful marketing acumen, and a remarkable ability to connect with others. Never Eat Alone has been recognized by Forbes as one of “the best business books” annually since 2005.

Who’s Got Your Back: The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success – and Won’t Let You Fail adapts the methodologies found in the world’s most successful behavioral change programs – from exclusive entrepreneurial and executive peer support forums to Weight Watchers and twelve‐step groups – to provide people with a do‐it‐yourself blueprint for creating the kind of relationships and support structure that separate the truly great from the merely good. In service of everyone from administrative assistants to CEOs, the book guides readers to create “lifeline relationships” with colleagues, professional contacts, and friends who can offer the guidance, encouragement, and accountability needed to succeed at daily objectives and long-term goals.

Who’s Got Your Back

“Cancel-proof” your event with Ferrazzi’s uniquely effective four-stage formula, based on the book’s breakthrough program to build the relationships that create success:
• Preparation: A practical and tactical set of directions on how participants maximize their ROI at your event.
• Permission: Participants are given permission to let down their guards to unlock new potential
• Practice: Participants form buddy groups, with built-in exercises to form mutual bonds
• Permanence: Not only do these buddy groups make commitments to help each other at the conference, they also commit to helping make each other’s careers and individual initiatives more successful in the weeks and months to come.
• Who’s Got Your Back: Moving From Membership to Community

This keynote is a unique and effective four-part presentation tailored specifically for associations. It is based on Ferrazzi’s New York Times bestseller Who’s Got Your Back.

With a focus on interactivity, Ferrazzi creates a sustainable community within your membership by “unleashing the power in the seats” during his keynote presentation. Participants practice letting their guards down and making mutual commitments to each other’s success at the event and beyond. The result is a year-round value for your membership, increase in renewal rates, and the assurance that your annual event is one that no one will miss.

Building Your Personal Brand in the Marketplace

In a crowded marketplace, how can you differentiate your organization from the pack? How can you build and sustain a brand so powerful that it’s as well-known and trusted by the world at large as by people inside your organization? The answer is relationships.

Ferrazzi’s presentation, which draws on his own experiences as well as the knowledge base of his Greenlight’s High-Touch Marketing consulting practice, leaves audiences motivated and prepared to develop the collaborative relationships and team culture that propel success.

Relationships for Leadership Success
Research shows that high-performance teams are also the most highly connected teams. The very best leaders know how to help their team build strong, engaging relationships. Ferrazzi’s “Relationship for Leadership Success and High-Performance Teams” keynote presentation provides the mindsets, processes, and tools to transform even the most conflicted team into a closely bonded working unit. Participants practice Ferrazzi’s techniques during this highly interactive, dynamic talk, which offers a clear roadmap to faster decision-making, more robust problem-solving, and innovative thinking among teams – assets to boost your bottom line. Leaders will be equipped with a strong understanding that in today’s workplace success is achieved as a team. Relationships for Revenue Growth
Did you know that the number of names in an employee’s address book can predict how much money they make for your company? This is just one “wow” statistic from recent social networking research that shows relationships play an increasingly influential role in individual and corporate success. Revenue growth demands that every level of your organization – from the CEO to the sales force – be competitive in the art and skill of relationship building.

Keith Ferrazzi’s highly interactive, dynamic “Relationships for Revenue Growth” keynote presentation introduces his proven Accelerated Relationship Development System, which provides a solution for those finding it difficult to balance the necessary challenge of expanding and deepening connections with the time and energy required to do so.

Participants try new techniques for building relationships during the presentation and leave enthusiastic and prepared to put them into practice to improve their business and their lives. Ferrazzi’s keynote speech can be customized for executive leadership, the sales force, or any level of your organization, and can also include supplemental breakout sessions. Relationships for Group Success
In this session, relationship guru and internationally best-selling author, Keith Ferrazzi, will examine where the foundation of building relationships for your professional and personal success should start internally. Ferrazzi will discuss his expertise on how to align internal teams and will share how getting connected with your colleagues will lead to profits and engagement with your external customer relationships and overall professional development.

Relationship Selling in a Downturn Market

Ferrazzi provides a roadmap for creating an environment of mutual respect and direct, honest communication through Team Goal Definition & Alignment, illustrating the benefits of having a strong support team and increased employee retention and shareholder value. Some areas he covers include:
• How to develop a mutual support system
• How to utilize mutual support in your professional and personal life to create greater success for you and others
• How to create a personal action plan for success using proven relationship strategies

Ferrazzi offers a specific process for teams to achieve real peer to peer support that drives revenue, success, and innovative solutions in our current economy. He clearly shows how generosity and strong personal relationships with your clients make you indispensable, even when everyone else is cutting corners.


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