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Kelly McDonald comedian

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Kelly McDonald is a performer who personifies “classy” humor. In a business filled with “shock comics” who rely on material of questionable taste, Kelly remains a refreshing exception. He proves it’s possible to create humor without taking cheap shots for easy laughs.

McDonald hails from Geneseo, a tiny town (or as his Dad says, “a sleepy little burg”) in the farmlands of Western New York State. At the seriously young age of 10, he began working in his uncle’s clothing store. Kelly is convinced this early introduction to the world of retail provided him with the people skills and confidence he’d eventually need to handle an audience of strangers.

After high school and graduation from the State University of New York Cortland, he moved to Las Vegas. Here, in America’s entertainment and convention capital, he began his comedy career. Like many entertainers before him, Kelly worked a series of part time jobs waiting tables. When his shift ended, he’d frequent rock clubs and country bars, places where musicians might allow him some stage time while they were on break. Ultimately, comedy club impresario Budd Friedman opened an “Improv” in Vegas and Kelly began getting regular showcase spots.

As his reputation grew, television beckoned. Next stop, Los Angeles. More restaurants, more showcases. But here, something new was added to the mix – improvisational comedy training at the renowned “Groundlings Theatre”. Like “Second City”, the Groundlings are known for producing exceptional improvisational comedy actors. (Kathy Griffin, Phil Hartman and Jimmy Fallon are all alumni.) Things began to pick up. Kelly made three appearances on A&E’s “Evening At The Improv”. Then a guest shot on “The Merv Griffin Show” led to a booking with Johnny Carson on “The Tonight Show”. Soon thereafter, he began making appearances with Johnny’s successor, Jay Leno.

Currently enjoying regular exposure on Sirius Radio’s “Laugh USA”, Kelly performs for corporate, cruise and club audiences. On ocassion, he can also be seen in “Four Stand Up Dads” (a stage production playing finer theatres across the country) and Planet Hollywood’s “Beatleshow” in Las Vegas.

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