Lance Secretan

Speaker Lance Secretan management & leadership keynote speaker

Lance Secretan

Speaker Lance Secretan management & leadership keynote speaker

Speaker: Lance Secretan

Management and leadership expert

Speech Topics Include:

  • Creating Organizations That Inspire The Soul

Keynote speaker Lance Secretan teaches an approach to management and leadership that improves organizational performance by transforming individuals, working relationships and the working environment. He is a dynamic, uplifting speaker with the experience of a former CEO and a message that inspires people to bring their true and vibrant selves to their work.

In today’s complex business environment, leaders face stronger competition with fewer resources and they feel enormous pressure for improved performance. The people they lead feel increasingly overworked and stressed out, too. And both employees and society in general are looking for business leaders that meet renewed standards for values and integrity. The old story of

leadership—management through command, control and fear—has failed to give leaders the guidance and support they seek in these difficult times or to restore balance and respect to the workplace.

As a speaker Lance Secretan’s New Story of Leadership speaks directly to these concerns. Lance sees business as potentially the most important source of positive change in the world today. His Higher Ground Leadership(sm) offers leaders practical ways to connect worker satisfaction to the bottom line and lead their organizations to Higher Ground. Lance’s presentation awakens the inner potential of his audience members and shows them how to use their new strengths to become Inspirational Leaders themselves.

Lance speaks with the authority of personal success as a business leader himself. As its CEO, he built Manpower Limited into one of the largest employers in the world. He then retired at 40 and, in the early 1990s, created the Secretan Center, devoting himself to teaching Higher Ground Leadership(sm) full-time. He has been a professor of entrepreneurship at two universities and an award-winning columnist for IndustryWeek.

He’s written ten books on various aspects of Higher Ground Leadership.

Creating Organizations That Inspire The Soul

Eighty percent of North Americans do not look forward to going to work on Monday mornings. Surveys suggest the public perception of business leaders, professionals and government employees has never been lower. Now, Dr. Lance H. K. Secretan takes a look at what has gone wrong. He addresses your deeper and unique needs and helps you shift the personal and organizational culture from looking outside for solutions to finding answers from within.

He understands that people everywhere are tired of bringing their exhausted minds to work, while leaving their hearts at home. They are seeking much more from their working lives. In short, it is time for a total quality program for employees that will inspire their souls, and their customers.

You will learn how to meet the needs of your soul as effectively as you are meeting the needs of your personality. He will change the way you think about your life and work.

While discovering the inner attitudes and values of individuals who will pioneer the evolution of organizations into the next century, you’ll get fresh and fascinating ideas that will help you integrate the heart, the mind and the bottom line.

You will get a detailed program that helps you achieve and learn:

New models of organizational culture and values

New awareness of the meaning of your communications, written and verbal, and its effect on others

How to achieve grace with associates, customers and suppliers

How to replace the negative energy of fear, competition and hostility, with compassion, excellence and service

How to romance outstanding performances from colleagues and loyalty from customers and suppliers

How to develop new reward systems for employees and new forms of partnerships with suppliers

New concepts of Decision Making, Employee Equity, Profit, Relationships, Learning, Creativity, Communicating Information, Truth-Telling and Promise-Keeping, and Workplace Design

How to inspire the soul


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