Microaggressions Speaker Dr Derald Wing Sue Awarded APA’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Speaker Derald Wing Sue Diversity and Microaggressions keynote

Microaggressions Speaker Dr Derald Wing Sue Awarded APA’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr Derald Wing Sue Renowned Microaggressions Speaker, multicultural psychologist, pioneer in the field of multicultural education, multicultural counseling and therapy, and the psychology of racism/antiracism. Author of the acclaimed book Microaggressions in Everyday Life.

Congratulations to Dr Derald Wing Sue for being awarded the Lifetime achievement award from the  American Psychological Association for his countless contributions to the fields of psychology, education, and the psychology of racism/anti-racism. 

Derald Wing Sue expert and speaker on microaggressionsAs a global leader in psychology and social justice Dr Sue has lectured all over the world to corporate leaders, associations, and psychology students/faculty on the evolution of multicultural education, multicultural counseling and therapy. Also a prolific author literally writing the book on microaggressions Dr Sue has solidified himself as the premiere trainer and lecturer on microaggression in everyday life and the workplace.  He has keynoted on campuses across the country enlightening students and faculty of microaggression on campus , as well as, taking the podium for corporations large and small talking on how to mitigate a  toxic corporate environments created by microaggressions and racism.

As a sought after keynote speaker Dr Sue provides custom keynote solutions for clients world-wide seeking to enlighten their members/audiences on the finer points of microaggressions within our society that play a role in creating toxic environments and a bullying culture.  His thoughtful approach to his talks is a keystone to his success on the podium.  Dr Sue takes the time on the front end to ensure his message is perfectly on target for the group he is speaking to.  Also available for smaller sessions after his keynote, Dr sue uses the round table or break out format to dig deeper into the issues and gently forcing attendees to have the difficult conversations associated with racism, multiculturalism, and microaggressions in a civil yet impacting way.

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