Mort Kondracke

Mort Kondracke

Mort Kondracke

Executive Editor and Columnist, Roll Call; Commentator, Fox News Channel; Co-Host, The Beltway Boys


  • View From Washington
  • Current Legislative Issues
  • Hot or Not: Evaluating Congress’ Performance

A journalist for over 45 years, Morton Kondracke has covered nearly every phase of American politics and foreign policy and in nearly every medium: TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.  As Executive Editor and a columnist for Roll Call, Capitol Hill’s leading independent newspaper, Kondracke has been on the forefront of America’s most complex and controversial issues. His twice-weekly syndicated column, “Pennsylvania Avenue,” offers insightful commentary and analysis on national politics as well as foreign and domestic policy.  Kondracke’s unique perspective provides audiences an insider’s look on the critical topics most affecting America today.

View From Washington

As Executive Editor of Roll Call, Mort Kondracke witnesses first-hand the inner workings of Washington.  Here, Mort offers a thoughtful examination of the current state of affairs on the Hill and in the White House including the economy, national security, foreign policy and other hot-button issues.

Current Legislative Issues

Every day, Congress is presented with items for legislation including healthcare, immigration, financial oversight, commercial regulation, energy and environmental issues. Reporting on these topics as Mort does  allows him a deeper knowledge of the status of these issues’ legislation, the barriers to their passage and the negotiations involved in moving them forward (or not).

Hot or Not: Evaluating Congress’ Performance

In this era of unprecedented unity in electing Barack Obama, Congress was ushered in by voters on the same philosophy of bipartisanship and greater cooperation.  However, old habits die hard and it seems not all congressional members are on the same page.  Hear how their latest actions are helping – or hurting – America, particularly in this time when we need them most.


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