Patrick Henry

motivational humorist patrick henry

Patrick Henry

motivational humorist patrick henry

Speaker: Patrick Henry

Humorist, Singer-Song writer, and Customer Service Speaker

Speech Topics Include:

  • Keeping Your Team in Tune
  • The Pancake Principle
  • Married Man



As a former Nashville songwriter and current SiriusXM radio personality on The Family Comedy Channel and Blue Collar Radio, humorist Patrick Henry believes that the height of learning happens while we are being entertained…and so do the over one thousand meeting planners who have hired him.

Patrick is more than a motivational humorist. He is a performance keynote speaker and is obsessed with showing audiences how to create extraordinary engagement at home, at work and in the community. Engagement is the foundation for loyalty, and loyalty is the foundation for emotional and financial buy-in. Patrick is consistently rated as a top speaker for the clients he serves.

Speakers are often viewed as a commodity in the current market place which is why his humor, guitar playing and the performing of original and customized songs offers a unique and memorable speech for his clients. Patrick always brings his southern accent and is willing to use it at a moment’s notice. Humorist Patrick Henry is best utilized as the opening keynote speaker for meeting planners who want to set an upbeat tone for their conference with humor, music and a message that will have their attendees feeling energized, rolling in the aisles with laughter and armed with actionable content that they can put to work immediately.

The challenge in the market place is that customer loyalty is fragile. Products, services and ideas are being differentiated based on price rather than value. Patrick shows how to create a value-based customer relationship and believes if you can’t create an emotional connection with your customers, clients and coworkers, you’re going to lose them because people are loyal to people whom they are emotionally connected to. His most popular keynote speeches show how to use emotion to drive results. Emotions lead to feelings, and feelings lead to actions. If you can make them feel, you can make them buy.

Patrick grew up in the football town of Auburn, Alabama and has seen firsthand how fans are made. He graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1994 and has been actively involved in the leadership of both the National Speakers Association and NSA Carolinas where he served as president in 2010-2011. Patrick lives in Burlington North Carolina with his smoking hot wife Lesley and three semi-adorable children Jack, Robert and Meredith. He is a firm believer that “If you do what you love to do for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Keeping Your Team in Tune

Patrick sees the world through the eyes of a musician. The same three keys that make great artists great can also make you a superstar in the eyes of your customers, clients, or coworkers. Your members will learn how to exceed expectations, excel at the task, embrace the customer, client or team member as a friend.


The Pancake Principle  

Like making perfect pancakes, creating an extraordinary customer experience requires preparation, skill, focus, patience and timing. In this program, named after his book The Pancake Principle, Seventeen Sticky Ways to Make Your Customers Flip for You, Patrick shows how to create excellence in business and in life. We all have customers. Whether we are in sales or education, HR or administration, the ones who rise to the top are the ones who can turn customers into fans.


Married Man

This speech, named after Patrick’s comedy album, is perfect for events light on content and heavy on entertainment. It’s always a hit with both the men and women in the audience.


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