Peter Sheahan

Peter Sheahan

Speaker: Peter Sheahan

Founder and CEO of Karrikins Group (formerly ChangeLabs) and the Author of Fl!p

Speech Topics Include:

  • Growing in Uncertain Times
  • High Performance in a Virtual World
  • Leading with Intentional Optimism

After 15 years of standing in the fire with leaders of high-performing organizations, Peter Sheahan has come to believe that an organization will only go commercially where its leaders first grow personally.

Having grown his own companies by accelerating growth and transformation for Apple, Chick-fil-A, DeBeers, and AT&T — Peter will provoke you to get bigger, by getting better! When leaders are true to their purpose, they gravitate towards doing work that matters and solving higher-order problems. The journey to get there requires that they have the courage to tell themselves the truth, take intelligent risks, and assume ownership for driving the alignment necessary to build an organization which behaves in ways worthy of its leadership position.

In being true to his own ambitions and relentless pursuit of growth, Peter has published seven books, built three global companies and delivered more than 3,000 presentations in 40+ countries. Today he and his team are focused exclusively on inspiring leaders to do the hard work required to enable growth and transformation.

Growing in Uncertain Times

Turning Challenges into Opportunity and Change into Competitive Advantage. Stimulating a culture of growth amidst uncertainty begins with leaders taking ownership for their changed reality, unleashing an ambition that drives their team forward, and aligning their people to the new ways of working necessary to create value in the current environment. In this case-study rich session, Peter Sheahan will unpack how to balance the need for prompt action with the need to maintain the capacity, capability, and engagement required to make the most of the massive opportunities that inevitably emerge from crisis. And he will explore the unique application of these insights in a mostly virtual world.


High Performance in a Virtual World

Maintaining a Culture of Accountability and High Engagement in the Face of COVID-19. Culture is a science, not an art. With the right mindset, team dynamics, and environment, a leader can intentionally curate a culture of accountability, innovation, and high engagement. Doing so remotely presents unique but surmountable challenges that can be overcome by creating a setting for your team where it’s psychologically safe to ask for help, behave in new ways, and pursue progress over perfection. The truth is people don’t really know how to work together as effectively virtually, and collaboration, productivity, and well-being are all known to suffer when we get it wrong. Using real-world examples, Peter will unpack a blueprint for driving high performance and apply it directly to the new ways of working we must all embrace as a part of social distance based norms.


Leading with Intentional Optimism:

Make the Shift from Defense to Offense and Seize the Opportunities in Disruption. Leaders must be pragmatic in the face of the real challenges presented by Covid-19, however at some point they must choose whether they are going to create their future reality or passively accept their fate. Intentional Optimism is a new way of leading that unleashes the agency and influence we all have over our reality and combines the importance of pragmatism with the power of boldness to position ourselves to make the most of opportunity. Participants will explore their own leadership archetype and learn how to avoid the dangers of cynicism over skepticism and dreaming over optimism. The outcome will be the intentional amplification of optimism at a time we need it most.


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