Philip Van Hooser

Philip Van Hooser

Speaker Phillip Van Hooser leadership and business keynote speaker

Speaker: Philip Van Hooser

Transformational leadership, team work and change speaker

Speech Topics Include:

  • Transforming Leaders
  • Leading Through Change
  • Building Work Teams That Work
  • Serve With Professionalism & Integrity

Keynote speaker Phillip Van Hooser, MBA, CSP. A veteran professional speaker, leadership trainer and author, Phillip Van Hooser presents leadership ideas that transform good leaders into exceptional leaders and new leaders into top performing role models.

A former FORTUNE 500 manager, Phillip Van Hooser has spent years working with employees and executives at all levels to discover what people expect from their leaders. Van Hooser knows the leadership methods that result in maximum leadership performance and productivity.

With intensity and excitement, speaker Phillip Van Hooser weaves these real world lessons into leadership keynotes and training presentations that transform executives, managers and support staff into leaders that people consistently choose to follow.

Transforming Leaders

Competitive, growth-oriented businesses need leaders their employees will consistently choose to follow. Master proven leadership methods that transform good leaders into excellent leaders and new leaders into top performers.

Leading Through Change

All businesses face one constant force. Change. Organizations that excel value leaders who identify and seize the opportunities that change brings. Maximize leadership performance in today’s changing work environments with these practical methods.

Building Work Teams That Work

Well-built teams significantly outperform independent individuals in today’s competitive marketplace. Explore a blueprint for creating, leading and supporting cohesive, competitive, high-performance teams.

Serve With Professionalism & Integrity

Professional, integrity-based service wins customer loyalty and builds competitive organizations. Boost performance as a service professional with lessons from industry best practices.


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