Raspyni Brothers

Raspyni Brothers

Speaker: Raspyni Brothers

Record-Holding Juggling Team, A Perfectly Balanced Blend of comedy & Coordination


  • Success, Teamwork & Ricking Taking Keynotes
  • Head Line Entertainment: Everyday objects come to life in their talented hands.
  • The VolcanoBall

An estimated 27.6 million viewers tuned in to watch Donald Trump say, “You’re hired!” to Bill Rancic on NBC’s hit reality show, The Apprentice. A true entrepreneur, he started his own business to put himself through school. At the age of 23, he founded the internet-based company, Cigars Around the World, in a 400 sq. ft. studio apartment. Today, it is a thriving multi-million dollar national operation.

Rancic is also a New York Times best selling-author of two books on business and appears regularly as a financial expert on numerous television shows. He makes frequent appearances on The Apprentice, produces and stars in the A&E hit series We Mean Business, Style Network’s reality series Giuliana and Bill and is the executive producer of Repo Man. He also makes regular appearances on Today, The Tonight Show, The View, and various CNBC programs to talk to viewers about business and entrepreneurship.

A former real estate developer for the Trump Corporation, he is an avid business speaker on leadership and entrepreneurship who uses his savvy to help struggling entrepreneurs succeed.

Bill Rancic discusses his secrets for personal and professional success using anecdotes from his entrepreneurial experiences and high-profile stint as the first-reigning Apprentice. Charismatic and always glib, Rancic is entertaining, informative, and an audience favorite.

Success, Teamwork & Ricking Taking Keynotes

Johnny Carson and Jay Leno have both done it on The Tonight Show – and now your CEO can do it too! Let the top-brass prove their commitment to success by standing between the blazing torches and razor sharp knives of the Raspyni Brothers.

Nowhere are success principles such as teamwork, time management, risk-taking, and competitive excellence illustrated with more wit and wisdom than during this keynote presentation.

Juggling the Principles of Success entertains as it educates, leaving the audience enthusiastic and highly-motivated about achieving greater levels of success in their professional and personal lives.

Knowing when to Take Risks

Benefits of Mentorship

Partnership and Teamwork

Keeping a Positive Attitude

Knowing when to say “NO”

Time Management

Looking for Opportunity

Forming Good Habits

Achieving Competitive Excellence

The Power of Persistence

Head Line Entertainment: Everyday objects come to life in their talented hands.

Golf clubs balance in impossible configurations and cabbages collide midair with flying blow darts while blazing torches, 16-pound bowling balls and razor-sharp garden weasels fly effortlessly overhead.

Using audience participation, hilarious improvisation, and great comic dialogue, the Raspyni Brothers pack their time on stage with a dynamic mix of skill and style. Performing together since 1982, these two catchers in the wry never fail to win over even the most demanding, hard-to-please crowds.

The VolcanoBall

It’s easy to master the basic tricks while building self-esteem and relieving stress. This original toy has none of the preconceptions associated with juggling and can be used in small spaces. Business tools such as juggling priorities, cultivating relaxed concentration, and creative problem solving skills are perfectly demonstrated during a VolcanoBall workshop.

A body in motion is a mind in motion. A recent study showed that activities like VolcanoBall actually increase gray matter – something modern science believed impossible.


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