Rick Pitino

Speaker Rick Pitino Sports Motivational Keynote Speaker

Rick Pitino

Speaker Rick Pitino Sports Motivational Keynote Speaker

Speaker: Rick Pitino

With the mind of a brilliant coach and the charisma of a leading man, Rick Pitino is an inspiring leader who instills his teams with the drive – and the skills – to succeed on the court and off.


  • Success Is a Choice

Keynote speaker Rick Pitino has the winning touch. Most recently, Pitino became the first NCAA coach to lead three different teams to the NCAA Final Four. Leading through his own example of hard work and solid execution, he transformed each of his college teams, leading Kentucky’s men’s basketball team to the Final Four three times in five years. Speaker Rick Pitino is ranked on two of coaching’s most elite lists: both the winningest active college basketball coaches and winningest all-time college basketball coaches’ lists. With a talent for rebuilding and re-energizing stumbling organizations, his techniques are a proven commodity – in sports and in the business world. With his captivating and charismatic personality, Pitino offers practical steps to help teams maintain focus and act with group integrity through decisiveness, flexibility and consistency.  Pitino is the author of Success Is A Choice, Lead to Succeed and Rebound Rules.

Success Is a Choice

Rick Pitino takes the same proven methods that have earned him and his teams legendary status in the NCAA to give you a plan of attack for achieving extraordinary success in your own life. Rick Pitino’s ten-step plan isn’t for quitters or for people looking for the easy road to success. But neither is it for the superstar talents or those with a Midas touch who expect their luck to hold forever. “Success Is a Choice” is for anyone who is serious about making dreams reality. It’s a tool for preparing yourself for the challenges you face – from developing habits and discipline that will get you started down the path to success to learning the value of ferocious persistence as you begin to reach and surpass your goals. Basketball fans have already recognized Rick Pitino’s ability to get the most from his players. His message applies just as well off the court. An inspiring step-by-step program that will motivate almost anyone to perform better, “Success Is a Choice” can make a remarkable difference in your own life.


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