Robin Dreeke

Robin Dreeke Keyntoe Speaker

Robin Dreeke

Robin Dreeke Keyntoe Speaker


Founder of People Formula, Former Head of FBI Behavioral Analysis Program

Speech Topics Include:

  • The Code of Trust
  • How to Recognize and Thwart Social Engineering
  • The Keys to Effective Communication

Robin Dreeke has studied interpersonal relations and behavior for the past 30+ years, both within the US Government and with private sector organizations. He is a certified practitioner in the use of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I 2.0), and the Personal Discernment Instrument (PDI).

As a commander in charge of over 200 recruits and 16 drill instructors at Parris Island, South Carolina, Robin learned the fundamentals of leadership and influence. Upon entering service in the FBI in 1997, Robin began his journey as a behaviorist in the agency’s efforts to thwart the effort of U.S.  adversaries. He went on to formally serve as the head of the elite Behavioral Analysis Program of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division. He’s contributed multiple articles to the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, a peer reviewed journal seen monthly by over 100,000 worldwide.

Throughout his life, Robin Dreeke has received advanced training and experience in the area of social psychology and the practical application of the science behind relationship development. Through observations of nonverbal behavior, use of the Personal Discernment Inventory, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and his own unique techniques, Robin has built highly effective tools for all aspects and stages of interpersonal communication. Robin has combined all these tools and techniques and created a one-of-a-kind formula for success with people. Today, Robin is a recognized expert, author, and gifted lecturer in the art of interpersonal communication. These skills are used every day in leadership, sales, human resources, and all relationships, both business and personal.

Robin Dreeke is the founder and president of People Formula LLC, an organization that offers Advanced Rapport Building Training and Consultation. Additionally, Robin routinely conducts workshops and seminars for government, military, and private-sector organizations across the country.

The Code of Trust

In this talk, Robin shares his strategies that he teaches to CEOs, agents and other leaders on how to build trust with anyone in any situation.


How to Recognize and Thwart Social Engineering

From spotting obvious misspellings in emails to recognizing the advanced techniques of a master SE and manipulator, Dreeke reveals techniques to recognize and prevent successful social engineering attacks in your professional and personal life.


The Keys to Effective Communication

Whether it’s learning how to compose the perfect email to your boss, colleagues, subordinates, or family members or asking the right question during an interview, Dreeke provides tips on how to communicate effectively and build successful interpersonal relationships, influence, and trust.

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