Rowdy Gaines

Rowdy Gaines

Speaker: Rowdy Gaines

Olympic Swimming Champion


  • Olympic Dream & Spirit
  • Adversity
  • Motivation
  • How Illness Almost Took My Life

Rowdy has one of the most inspirational stories in all of sport. Missing the U.S. Boycotted 1980 Olympics didn’t end Rowdy’s career, it ignited it! After taking a year off, Rowdy returned to the 1984 Olympics an underdog but emerged a winner and it doesn’t stop there. In 1991 Rowdy was diagnosed with Guillan-Barre Syndrome, paralyzing him for over two weeks; not only did he recover, he went on to win 2 World Master’s Titles and broke 2 World Masters Records the following year. He is known as one of the world’s most dedicated, as well as, ambitious athletes and symbolizes the American quest for more than gold.

Today, Rowdy Gaines is often referred to as “Swimming’s Greatest Ambassador.” Known as the voice of swimming, he has worked with CBS, TNT, ESPN, and NBC as an announcer for swimming and other events. He travels the world passionately sharing his love for the sport of swimming with youth, parents, and coaches. Rowdy Gaines has served as a national spokesperson for the Children’s Miracle Network, HealthSouth, Disney, Rayban, Speedo, and John Hancock, to name a few. He is a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame and is a sought after motivational speaker by companies world-wide. Rowdy resides in Lake Mary, Florida with his family and is currently the Executive director of Rowdy’s kids with The Limu Company.

Olympic Dream & Spirit 



How Illness Almost Took My Life


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