Rulon Gardner

Speaker Rulon Gadner motivational speaker

Rulon Gardner

Speaker Rulon Gadner motivational speaker

Speaker: Rulon Gardner

Olympic wrestling champion


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As the youngest of 9 siblings, growing up on a farm, it’s no surprise that hard work and determination are core values in keynote speaker Rulon Gardner’s life. These proved to be particularly important as Rulon embraced numerous challenges in his life.

Rulon Gardner is no stranger to daunting circumstances. As a member of the 2000 US Olympic wrestling team, he was pitted against Russian legend Alexander Karelin, in what can only be described as a David versus Goliath scenario. Against harrowing odds, Rulon emerged victorious. In doing so, he immediately captured the admiration and sentiment of Americans, winning the gold medal in one of the biggest upsets in Olympic history.

Speaker Rulon Gardner has again captured the admiration and sentiment as he completes another chapter in his already inspiring and storied life. Gardner recently appeared as a contestant of the NBC television program The Biggest Loser, and is back in a familiar role, inspiring hope and personifying courage.

Rulon’s achievements on the program were nothing short of astonishing. After reaching his competitive training weight, Rulon chose to leave the show in support of his wife and to begin the next chapter of his life.

As a result of his newfound lease on life, Rulon is considering a comeback to competitive wrestling. He met with National Team coaches and has already been back on the mat at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

Rulon would be an astounding 40 years old at the London Games should he decide to return to competition. Nonetheless, his competitive vigor and will to succeed are as strong as ever.

The courage and determination that Rulon has shown in his pursuit of excellence further solidifies his status as a truly inspirational individual.




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