Scott Bloom

Scott Bloom

Speaker: Scott Bloom

Corporate Humorist, Former VH1 Host and Favorite Emcee of the Fortune 500


  • Breaking it down – A Humorist Keynote
  • Corporate Host and Emcee
  • Corporate Game Shows

A professional comedian who has hosted hundreds of corporate events headlined at as many of the nation’s top comedy clubs, Scott Bloom can custom tailor his unique brand of showmanship to meet your needs. In addition to hosting over 300 corporate events for Fortune 500 companies, like AT&T, Merck and American Express, he has also had a successful career in television. Most recently, Scott was the host of his own weekly VH1 series. This past year he did some hosting duties for Game Show Network and hosted a national simulcast of the Grammy Awards from the Palace Theater in Los Angeles for Discover Card.

He has also appeared on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, A&E’s Caroline’s Comedy Hour, Evening at the Improv, and Comedy on the Road. Scott is a national headliner on the stand-up comedy circuit and has performed in Las Vegas at both Harrah’s and the MGM Grand casinos. Presently, he is developing several game shows for Game Show Network and syndication.

Whether opening the general session, introducing executives, entertaining between official presentations or crafting segues that underscore your conference objectives, Scott is a valuable asset at any important gathering. His presence adds the magical glue that holds a meeting together, giving it continuity, consistency and charismatic appeal. His intelligence and vibrancy creates a dynamic and instant rapport with the audience. He’ll get them all going and going strong with program warm-ups and participation games to kick off sessions and move them into breaks. His charm and gracious introductions provide smooth transitions that add a veneer of distinction to all the speakers. Whether through personal introductions or prerecorded pieces, he puts them at ease … and into the limelight. Pair that with his sharp sense of humor and ability to improv, and he can take moments of important material and make them seriously funny and always memorable. He is the penultimate in the master of ceremonies genre. The Billy Crystal of corporate meetings. So the next time you’re looking to engage, educate, and entertain … introduce Scott Bloom, former host of VH1. Rest assured, you’ll be introducing the best new component to staging successful meetings.

Breaking it down – A Humorist Keynote

When work life gets busy or complicated or stressful; Scott says break it down into the small stuff so it won’t look so overwhelming. And as a humorist keynote, that’s what Scott does. He breaks down the big things into small bits. Hysterical business-related bits on acronyms, partnership, teamwork, communication, language, the power of numbers and more. The end result is an intuitive lesson on

learning to laugh. On maintaining a sense of humor in the workplace. On addressing one little thing at a time. His bright and clear performance is a release valve for stress and a motivator for moving on one sure step after another. He certainly has a knack for lightening the load.

Corporate Host and Emcee

An absolute delight, Scott is undoubtedly the consummate host of general sessions, the affable

moderator of executive panels and the marvel of emcee’s for awards ceremonies.

His intelligence and vibrancy create an instant and effortless rapport with the audience. His charm and

gracious introductions provide smooth transitions that allow executive to easily slip into their roles as keynotes. And his congenial presence adds the seamless thread that holds a meeting together, keeping it tight, keeping it smart, keeping it funny. Pair all of that with his sharp sense of humor and ability to improv and he can take moments of important material and make them seriously funny

and always memorable.

Corporate Game Shows

Bursting onto the corporate scene in 1990, Scott Bloom has stayed firmly entrenched and now he’s at the top of his game. Why? Because Scott is a funny man who means business. And he’s made it his business to develop custom programs that provide engaging, interactive challenges designed to build teamwork, camaraderie and competition. From full-out game shows that fire-up a workforce and fill a room with pulse-pounding excitement to individual challenges designed to elevate the audience’s contribution to the success of the meeting — games and challenges à la Scott Bloom style — are

a zesty way to pepper a traditional business format and pep up the pace.


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