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Scott Deming

Speaker: Scott Deming

The Customer Service and Emotional Brand Building Expert


  • Customer Service and Emotional Brand Building: Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience and Create Customers for Life!
  • Understanding and Managing Change: Techniques for dealing with generational perceptions and other employee attitudes.
  • One Team – One Brand: Leadership essentials for creating the ultimate employee environment.
  • The Art of Communication: Communicate with Clarity and Create Relationships that Last!

Customer Service didn’t die a sudden, unexpected death. It has been dying a slow, very painful death for a very long time. Why? Simply put, people stopped caring. Service today is typical and transactional. People look at customers as an opportunity for a sale, rather than an opportunity for a meaningful relationship that will turn that customer into a loyal evangelist for life. Customer service is dying because people simply stopped looking at other people as fellow human beings.

But all is not lost! It’s not over just yet! There’s still time to shock customer service back to life. And there’s one person who is bent on making that happen!

Scott Deming is on a mission – to bring emotion, sincerity, caring and humanity back into customer service. Scott Deming is on a mission – to impact as many people and as many organizations as possible with a simple message and a tried and true process. Scott Deming is on a mission – to teach executives, management, and staff that everyone is in this together. And finally, Scott Deming is taking his nearly thirty years of advertising and marketing experience and showing proof positive that advertising is simply awareness. RELATIONSHIPS RULE and building a BRAND through emotional, one-of-a-kind experiences, not just great advertising, is the key to SUSTAINABLE personal and professional success.

Customer Service and Emotional Brand Building: Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience and Create Customers for Life!

“What do people think of when they see or hear your name? Think about this question very seriously. In other words – How Powerful is Your Brand?” This is the question Scott Deming asks his audiences. Then, he shows them how to create the most loyal customers and the most powerful brand in their industry.

Scott Deming’s “Emotional Brand Building and Ultimate Customer Experience” presentation breaks all boundaries of the typical customer service or brand building processes and dispels the popular yet incorrect thinking that Advertising and Marketing lead to powerful, emotional brands. He takes his audiences on a fast-paced, high energy journey through the six critical steps to creating the ultimate customer experience and building their powerful, emotional brand. Scott Deming inspires each and every attendee to turn a typical customer into an Evangelist! And as he says – “It is these evangelists who will take you to the Promised Land.”

Mr. Deming’s six step “Ultimate Customer Experience and Emotional Brand Building Process” includes:

Who Are You? What do you do, what do you sell? Critical and not so simple questions to get the audience thinking about their business. A five to ten minute exercise to see how every participant describes their business and their brand.

What’s Your Brand? What do people think of when they see or hear your name? How does your customer currently perceive you and your brand power?

Your Products and Services Merely Get You in the Game. A killer discussion and exercise that proves your stuff does not make the sale. Your service makes the sale and the ultimate customer experience is what keeps them coming back.

What is an Experience? Here Scott helps his audiences to really understand the difference between a typical service and an uncommon, innovative and emotional experience.

Create the Ultimate Customer Experience – By focusing more on relationships and less on features and benefits. Here Scott presents what he calls – “The Secret to Life” as he shows the attendees how to look at their lives from a completely different perspective. This segment also shows companies and individuals how focusing on relationships and creating loyalty takes “Price” out of the equation. Customers are buying on value and trust, not price.

The Ripple Effect! A powerful and humorous lesson on “You never know who you’re dealing with and what the outcome of that interaction is going to be.”

One magazine called Scott Deming’s brand building process “Moral Principles for Effective Customer Service.” Learn how you can create the Ultimate Customer Experience and turn every customer into a loyal evangelist for life!

Understanding and Managing Change: Techniques for dealing with generational perceptions and other employee attitudes.

When a new, young employee realizes that her work computer is not even as up-to-date as her home computer, her perception of the company she works for takes a hit. In her mind, it’s not the computer that’s antiquated, it’s the company.

When a young employee sends an email to a colleague that in turn gets forwarded to a vendor or a client, chances are it’s laced with typos and acronyms, such as “JK”, “LOL” and “BBFN”. In his mind, this is a perfectly acceptable way to communicate with others at work, since this is the way he’s been communicating with friends and family for years.

Due to the ever growing accessibility to instant messaging, text messaging and emailing from computers and Blackberry’s, most of today’s workforce is losing their verbal and personal communications skills. They rely so heavily on the one-sided, static form of electronic communications that they forget there’s a person on the other side of the message that may be misinterpreting their thoughts, questions, instructions, etc. With one simple stroke of a key and push of the send button, entire communications may become misunderstood, unclear and ultimately acted upon incorrectly. Assumptions and mistakes are made, resentment builds, the trust factor deteriorates and any chance of a relationship and a brand building process is destroyed.

A person is hired by an organization and thereby given a title, salary and job description. When asked to help out in another area, or when told their position has been eliminated and they are now being moved to another position, they are crippled with confusion and uncertainty. “I thought THIS was my job?” “What now?” “Why?” “This isn’t what I was hired for.”

These and many other “changes” in the workforce must be addressed. A clear, simple and effective communications process must be implemented in order to deal with generational change, technology change, customer expectation change, job change and more. Scott Deming’s twenty-plus years of national advertising agency ownership and business consulting with multi-national, publicly traded companies, as well as small, independently owned entities has given him the experience and expertise to effectively deal with these issues. As part of the “Brand Building” process, it is imperative that management understands the techniques for creating an environment that welcomes and correctly manages change.

One Team – One Brand: Leadership essentials for creating the ultimate employee environment.

This is where it all comes together! Great branding comes from turning typical customers into loyal, lifelong evangelists. Customers are transformed into evangelists by delivering unique, emotional, one of a kind, unexpected customer service. But make no mistake – great customer service starts from the inside, and ultimately starts at the top.

In this powerful, interactive program, leaders will better understand how to effectively communicate, motivate and empower their people to work together toward one common goal – a goal that they not only understand, but whole heartedly believe in.

Everything from water cooler conversations to staff meetings to email communications to phone tree hell to customer relations begins and ends with effective management and team building skills. Some managers have it, most do not. It’s not a matter of intellect or education. It’s a matter of understanding and implementing.

Learn how to attract and keep the “best” employees. Learn how to motivate “everyone” to have the passion to serve. Learn how to create the “One Team – One Brand” environment that will make you more than just another choice to your customers. With this process, you’ll become “The Only Solution.”

The Art of Communication: Communicate with Clarity and Create Relationships that Last!

Did you know that the number one reason ALL relationships fail is because of a lack of or breakdown in communication? Marriages, lovers, father and son, mother and daughter, best friends, business partners, managers and their employees, businesses and their customers – every relationship that fails does so because of poor communication skills.

Poor communication or miscommunication destroys any chance for a meaningful relationship. No relationship – no chance for loyalty and evangelism from your colleagues and customers. No loyalty and evangelism – no chance for a powerful, sustainable brand. No brand – NO CHANCE FOR SUCCESS!

Why do we communicate so poorly? How can we communicate better and greatly improve our chances of creating the types of relationships that lead to lasting success?

Take part in Scott Deming’s “The Art of Communication” program and learn the simple, fool-proof methods and processes for developing effective and life changing communication skills.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Eliminate Assumptions
  • Set clear expectations
  • Encourage questions
  • Ask the RIGHT questions
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Manage people
  • Manage situations
  • Achieve sustainable Success!


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