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Simon Bailey

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Author, Catalyst of Brilliance


  • Release Your Brilliance
  • Releasing Leadership Brilliance
  • Releasing Sales Brilliance
  • Releasing Service Brilliance
  • Simon Says Dream – Live a Passionate Life

For Simon T. Bailey, there’s no such thing as ordinary. Like Thomas Jefferson, the thought leader, author and renowned speaker believes we are all endowed with certain unalienable rights; but to the notion of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Simon adds that it is the responsibility of each of us to unlock the true brilliance buried deep within.

Simon’s convictions were forged as the son of an immigrant father from Jamaica and further cultivated by a career in travel and tourism – an industry that aggressively promotes natural and cultural brilliance found in destinations around the world. Experience gleaned in leadership roles with influential organizations like the Walt Disney Company helped him foster an in-depth understanding of the formidable challenges, pressures and risks that business faces on a daily basis.

Although his sanity was questioned with his decision to depart the security of corporate life and take the entrepreneurial leap, his belief in brilliance has been validated by the remarkable success of the Brilliance Institute – his own venture dedicated to helping others chart a life-changing path to self-discovery.

He has helped thousands find fulfillment in their careers and joy in their lives through his best-selling books – Release Your Brilliance, Simon Believes…Brilliant Service is the Bottom Line, Simon Believes… Success is an Inside Job and Simon Says Dream: Live a Passionate Life. As an author, speaker and personal mentor/coach, his mission is to re-awaken people’s genius and help businesses, organizations and individuals achieve their full potential.

His perspectives and inspiring views have helped thousands of C-Suite leaders and employees re-ignite their personal brilliance. He’s addressed globally-recognized organizations like CNN News Services, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Nationwide, University of Phoenix, Society for Human Resource Management and American Hospital Association, and personally mentored leaders of Fortune 1000 companies.

What draws people to Simon and his inspirational messages are his contagious energy, compassion, and humor. This has led to him being recognized by Speaker magazine as one of the Top 25 Hot Speakers and being named Speaker of the Year by Meeting Professionals International-San Diego Chapter. His commitment to community also resulted in recognition as Central Florida’s “Man of the Year.”

His words of wisdom and compassion have been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, and internet sites. He holds a master’s degree from Faith Christian University, which also recently awarded him an honorary doctorate for his global impact. Simon lives a happy and fulfilling life in Central Florida with his wife and two children.

Release Your Brilliance

Release Your Brilliance is a high-impact, inspiring program that will teach individuals how to forge a new future through thoughts, words and actions. What is brilliance? It’s an aspect of being human that can only be explained by the exceptional clarity that comes from the alchemical alignment of vision, passion and spirit.

Releasing Leadership Brilliance

What is Leadership Brilliance? It’s about leading from the inside out. It’s having engaged, connected leaders who manage their egos, release control, get out of the way and allow employees to release their unique brilliance. It’s about engaging the talented men and women already on your team in order to take the organization to the next level.

Releasing Sales Brilliance

The core of releasing sales brilliance is developing Trusted Business Advisors (TBAs) – individuals who consistently focus on creating value for the customer. TBAs are master communicators who utilize the power of authenticity and trust to establish and maintain lasting relationships with customers. Trusted Business Advisors realize that the key to winning is selling from the inside out. They understand that people do business with people they like and trust; they know they must engage and connect with the customer first, then provide solutions.

Releasing Service Brilliance

In the new “experience economy,” it won’t be quality products or excellent customer service that propels companies to the top. It will be those companies that excel at creating memorable customer experiences that will build loyal, long-term customers and become the new rising stars. Releasing Service Brilliance is a fresh, innovative program that will transform your organization from one that merely provides customer service to one that consistently delivers “WOW” experiences for its customers.

Simon Says Dream – Live a Passionate Life

Simon Bailey informs audiences of the key traits that all great dreamers possess to transition their plans from an invisible dream to a visible reality. Participants will learn how to identify the barriers to fulfilling corporate or individual visions. They will learn how to use the imagination to create the future and overcome barriers in the way.


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