Performance & Leadership Speaker MIKE ABRASHOFF &

best military leadership speaker mike abrashoff

Performance & Leadership Speaker MIKE ABRASHOFF &

SPEAKER MIKE ABRASHOFF – Performance & Leadership Keynote Speaker

Former Commander, USS Benfold and Author, It’s Your Ship

Publications from Fast Company to the Harvard Business Review have called it one of the most remarkable examples of organizational transformation: Performance & Leadership Speaker Mike Abrashoff took command of the worst-performing Navy ship in the Pacific Fleet and made it #1in twelve months – using the very same crew. In many ways, the ship was actually an extreme example of the same problems facing many organizations today. What drove the success was Abrashoff’s realization that if things were going to improve, the first thing that needed to change was his own leadership style. Speaker Mike Abrashoff began a determined effort to see the ship from the eyes of his crew – and then rethink how to lead and break from the traditional command and control model. When crew members asked him to solve a problem, his response became, “It’s your ship ? what would YOU do?” The result was an empowered culture and an engaged team who set new benchmarks for performance.

As a Performance & Leadership Speaker Mike Abrashoff’s speeches challenge people to re-imagine their own leadership thinking and instill a renewed responsibility for results and success. Audiences relate to Abrashoff’s dilemma: being held accountable for results in an environment where rules and regulations pose significant obstacles. His presentation equips people with the strategies, tactics and tools necessary to unleash breakthrough performance and extraordinary results in spite of the odds. Abrashoff’s first book, It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy, remains a best seller with 850,000 copies currently in print.

Performance & Leadership Speaker

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