Speaker Ron Insana | Award-winning Journalist, Financial Analyst, Commentator, and Author

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Speaker Ron Insana | Award-winning Journalist, Financial Analyst, Commentator, and Author

Speaker Ron Insana unpacks how Washington, Wall-street, and Main street intersect. As the USA economy grows Ron uses his journalistic style to explain what these how this impact corporations and everyday Americans in a thoughtful and eloquent delivery.

Ron Insana

Senior Analyst, CNBC, Financial Industry Expert, and Author

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At the intersection of the markets and politics is Ron Insana. As a contributor to CNBC & host of The Market Score Board Report Ron has been analyzing the affect of legislative and political issues on the markets and the economy for nearly three decades.

In his speeches and keynotes Speaker Ron Insana delivers a customized talk that will engage and and educate your attendees, leaving them better equipped to understand the dynamic trends in their business and lives. Ron’s background in journalism allows him to easily and succinctly impart  these trends and their impacts. With a background as a hedge-fund manager, and communication skills of a TV and radio personality, Ron gives a straightforward insight into the rapidly and ever-changing economy we all live in.

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