Stephen Drum

military speaker

Stephen Drum

military speaker


Former Navy SEAL, Keynote Speaker, and Author

Speech Topics Include:

  • Perform on the X – Learn how to meet any challenge with Courage, Confidence, and Readiness!

Stephen Drum is a combat-tested retired Navy SEAL Master Chief with 27 years of experience leading and developing high-performance teams.

As an in-demand speaker and consultant, he helps individuals and organizations develop leadership and performance strategies, so they can plan, prepare, and execute at the highest levels when it matters most.

Stephen served in the Navy from 1992-2019 and has trained and led U.S. and foreign partner special operations forces on high-risk and strategically vital missions across the globe, including combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He recently co-developed and taught “Warrior Toughness” training for The U.S. Navy. This vital program fundamentally changed the culture of the Navy in how it trains and prepares young sailors and officers for the acute stress of intense combat operations.

During his Navy career, Stephen has personally trained thousands of elite military soldiers and Navy SEAL candidates, helping them succeed in severe training courses and overseas combat operations.

His first book, Life on the X: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to meeting any challenge with Courage, Confidence and Readiness, was released March 2023.

Perform on the X – Learn how to meet any challenge with Courage, Confidence, and Readiness!

Work, family, relationships—life is demanding. A high-stress situation, or being on the X where all the pressures converge, could be right around the corner. How will you confront it? Your ability to succeed in stressful and challenging situations and seize opportunities depends on how you show up to face these moments. When you’re up against obstacles, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and underprepared. But the battles you face are won when you prepare for life on the X.

Life on the X shares strategies used by the world’s highest performers. In this guide, you will discover tactics that elite athletes, military special operators, and successful business leaders use to thrive under pressure and deliver world-class results.

You can triumph when you are deliberate in how you prepare for, execute, and assess your actions in the most important moments in your life. By learning the skills and methods of top-performers, you can meet the X with courage and confidence.

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