Stephen A Smith

Speaker Stephen A. Smith Journalist and motivational speaker

Stephen A Smith

Speaker Stephen A. Smith Journalist and motivational speaker

Speaker: Stephen A Smith

ESPN TV and radio personality, Sports Journalist & Social Commentator

Speech Topics Include:

  • Adversity: Keep Your Head in the Game!
  • The Road to Great Leadership
  • Ethics, On the Field & Off

A seasoned sports journalist and ESPN veteran, keynote speaker Stephen A. Smith is an emerging media go-to who adeptly applies his savvy insights into the world of sports to society at large, drawing parallels to such issues as politics and race relations in America. As a guest on such shows as Morning Joe, The Ed Show, Hannity, and Larry King Live, he offers his candid views on issues relating to race, politics, and current events.

Currently, Smith – who originally made his mark as one of the most respected sports analysts and commentators in basketball – hosts a weeknight radio show for ESPN, airing in New York City and Los Angeles. Previously, he worked as an analyst and insider on ESPN’s premier basketball show, NBA Shootaround, later appearing on SportsCenter, ESPNews, and his own talk show, Quite Frankly.

With his trademark candor and sense of humor, speaker Stephen A. Smith inspires and entertains audiences as he touches on issues applicable both on the field and off, including staying strong in the face of adversity, being a leader, and living an ethical life.

Adversity: Keep Your Head in the Game!

From heart-wrenching defeats to capturing glory, rarely is anyone faced with adversity more than the modern-day athlete. True champions have learned not only to overcome their adversities, but to use them as a tool. From his roots in Hollis to covering some of the biggest names on planet Earth, keynote speaker Stephen A. Smith uses his life experiences and sports-as-life references to offer his perspective on how to keep your head in the game using courage, determination, and patience so you too can use adversity to your benefit.

The Road to Great Leadership

Stephen A. Smith’s career has allowed him to be up close and personal with great leaders, and he has learned firsthand and through interviews about the trials and tribulations on the road to great leadership. Leadership is now more important than ever, and Smith’s anecdotes will enthrall, entertain, and educate as he talks about goal setting, motivation, tough decision making, and inspiration.

Ethics, On the Field & Off

What is the right thing to do when the lines of ethics are increasingly blurred? Being the best and having more power and money enables those on the way up to be filled with praise, big paydays, and role-model status. But the headlines are filled with fall-from-grace storylines all the time. Is there a new model for success, or do we just have more access to information?

From sportsmanship to gambling, steroid use to point shaving, sports journalist Stephen A. Smith has seen and covered a wide spectrum of ethical issues both on the field and off… and interviewed a lot of the major players. He uses this unique insight to offer perspective on today’s current events, politics, and youth. This engaging presentation will make you think and feel about ethical decisions in a new way.


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