Steve Donahue

Steve Donahue

Speaker: Steve Donahue

Change & Engagement Expert, EpicThemeWeaver®, Best-Selling Author


  • Build an Epic Organization®
  • Make an Epic Journey on Shifting Sands
  • Tell an Epic Story
  • EpicThemeWeaver®

Keynote speaker Steve Donahue has an epic story and he can help you get one too. As a young man he crossed the Sahara Desert overland. Steve recently completed a 72,000 mile global odyssey to find a new story and a reason to tell it. These incredible journeys inspire his work to build epic organizations that thrive on change with outrageously engaged employees and a powerfully compelling narrative.

He is a bestselling author and international expert in Narrative Intelligence. Steve’s first book, Shifting Sands: A Guidebook for Crossing the Deserts of Change, has sold over 125,000 copies in half a dozen countries. As a speaker Steve Donahue has worked with more than 500 of the world’s best organizations to revolutionize change leadership and ignite employee engagement. A spellbinding storyteller and motivational speaker, Steve grabs your attention and never lets go. His highly interactive and deeply researched presentations touch the heart and soul of corporate purpose and individual motivation.

Most of Steve’s presentations include inspirational stories, stunning images and breathtaking videos from his desert journeys with nomadic tribes. Steve has a special gift for speaking to international audiences with messages that transcend cultural differences.

Build an Epic Organization®

An epic organization enthrals employees and captivates customers in a way which superlatives struggle to quantify. Like the heroes of epic poems, leaders must thrive in constant change and be completely engaged in their journey. They must also be on a quest that creates its own compelling story. Steve shows how to acquire a legendary narrative that staff, stakeholder and customers want to play a role in and be the heroes of. Using the latest brain science and cutting edge techniques from the emerging field of Narrative Intelligence he demonstrates how the oldest stories we know are the best templates we have to change, engage and inspire.

Make an Epic Journey on Shifting Sands

Steve’s classic presentation based on his journey across the Sahara Desert features a powerful metaphor for leading and succeeding in a change environment. Steve will keep you moving together in the right direction whether your change is continuous or episodic, proactive or reactive. His customizable “Rules of Desert Travel” focus on aligning personal and corporate direction, maintaining energy and engagement, teamwork and getting out of your comfort zone.

Tell an Epic Story

Stories carry values, clarify your mission and build brands. But how to tell your story and what kind of stories to share are crucial when competing for attention in a digital world. In this interactive presentation, master storyteller Steve Donahue will enthral your audience with his narratives while instructing your group to perfect and leverage their own. Using the latest brain research he will show the science behind the art of storytelling that helps you captivate, illuminate and motivate.


Steve Donahue is your keynote speaker, emcee and conference storyteller all-in-one. For the entire conference Steve interacts with delegates on breaks, attends all sessions and functions, then appears on stage as often as possible to weave his thoughts, experiences and insights. He literally tells the story of your conference in real time to deepen the messages and moments from presenters and attendees alike. Make your next multi-day event more cohesive, inclusive and magical with Steve’s uniquely inspiring approach.


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