Steve Uzzell

Steve Uzzell

Speaker Steve Uzzell creativity and innovation keynotes

Speaker: Steve Uzzell

Acclaimed National Geographic Photographer and speaker on Creative Problem solving, Innovation & Inspiration

Speech Topics Include:

  • Open Roads Open Minds

Passion, perspective and preparation: bringing all three to every assignment is keynote speaker Steve Uzzell’s goal. Steve Uzzell is one of the top advertising and corporate photographers in the country. He started in the photography business over 30 years ago as an assistant to the editor of National Geographic and a member of their photographic staff.

Using his striking photographs as illustrations of his metaphor about possibility and creativity, keynote speaker Steve Uzzell inspires audiences to take advantage of his experience and vision to make any venture an adventure. In any project he undertakes, Steve Uzzell’s preparation lays the foundation for magic to happen; “Chance favors the prepared mind,” said Louis Pasteur. After all, our eyes will only ever see what our mind is prepared to comprehend.

Steve Uzzell spends six months of the year traveling the world for his clients; the remainder teaching and delivering his presentation Open Roads Open Minds: An Exploration of Creative Problem Solving.

Open Roads Open Minds
The open road never fails to open your mind. Once your mind is open, the power of your imagination is released. This formidable power knows no bounds. Steve uses his mind-stretching images as illustrations about possibility and creativity, inspiring his audiences to make any venture an adventure. Learn to put this perspective to work for you everyday – in problem solving, in the creative process, and in your life.

Steve’s approach to his photographic work serves as a universal blueprint for problem solving. His audiences not only learn to be open to solutions that can be found in unexpected places, but that preparation lays the groundwork for magic to happen. “Chance favors the prepared mind,” said Louis Pasteur. Our eyes see only what our mind is prepared to comprehend.

As a speaker Steve Uzzell’s Key Points Preparation lays the groundwork for magic to happen. Make the problem your passion. Don’t just act – anticipate. Solutions can be found in very unexpected places. Trust your intuition, then hold yourself accountable. A simple tool mastered can unite a dreamer and a dream. We become known for the problems we solve. Enjoy the ride!

Speaker Steve Uzzell

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