The Washington Update is the industry thought leader in guiding clients through the complex and ever-changing political and tax environment. Respected through the investment industry, The Washington Update is known for its ability to predict the outcomes of Washington’s tax and fiscal deliberations and their effect on investors.

Throughout his 24 years of leadership in the financial industry, Jeff Bush has focused on helping financial advisors and private clients with innovative tax solutions and timely, insightful investment strategies. Today, his impact stretches further as he joins forces with The Washington Update. Jeff’s widely sought after, non-partisan insight into political and anticipated tax law changes delivers

clarity to financial service firms and their clients across the country.

Jeff’s background includes a decade at Merrill Lynch, where he led a team of industry specialists advising high net worth clients on creative investment strategies and effective risk mitigation approaches. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, Jeff owned his own investment and tax risk consulting firm. He began his career handling complex underwriting issues. Jeff is a licensed pilot, attuned to the importance of planning and understanding the current climate to get where you want to go.

Jeff’s dedication, forward thinking, and strategic abilities have resulted in performance records, industry awards, and leadership accolades. His real reward, however, comes from helping others reach their professional and personal goals.