Three Waiters

Three Waiters

Speaker: Three Waiters

Acclaimed entertainers, they take the concept of singing waiters to a new level, adding elements of sophistication, spontaneity, humor and audience interaction

Speech Topics Include:

  • The Three Waiters – Performance

Everyone is raving about The Three Waiters® singing waiters.

One of the world’s most successful corporate and private event surprise acts.

The Three Waiters® is the most successful singing waiters act in the world; with nearly 10,000 shows in 77 countries, it’s now arguably the most popular act of any kind for corporate events, fundraisers, private parties and weddings! When The Three Waiters® was created in 1998, the show changed the face of corporate and private entertainment forever.

How it works

Sophisticated, spontaneous and loads of fun, The Three Waiters involves three talented singers posing as “real” waiters at an event before unleashing a dynamic performance a la The Three Tenors. Be it a small dinner party or huge extravaganza, the user friendly nature of the show has allowed The Three Waiters to play over 2500 shows throughout 44 countries around the globe.

Alfredo poses as the Banquet Captain. He is well mannered and meticulous. He dresses in his own black suit or alternatively wears the attire suitable to the venue. The other two performers are dressed exactly as the other waiters at the venue. The three performers infiltrate as “real” waiters from the commencement of the event up to the time of performance. This could mean serving, topping off drinks and generally being seen.

(The Three Waiters is not a “Wacky Waiters” show. The performers do not trip up, or spill drinks or food. It is essential that the performers are seen to be “real” waiters so as to give no clue what is about to happen.)


There are two short announcements (40 seconds duration) made by Alfredo to establish his character leading up to the commencement of the actual show.

Announcement # 1: During the appetizer (or thereabouts)

Announcement # 2: Before the Entrée is laid

It is at this time Alfredo sings a huge operatic note prompting thunderous applause. He bows and announces that a guest offered him $ 50 to do so. He thanks the guest and leaves the stage.

The Show Commences: Once Entrée has been laid

and drinks have been topped off, Jean-Marc, a French waiter, makes his way to the stage and politely announces that another guest has offered him $ 100. He proceeds to sing a full aria….in Italian. Alfredo is Italian. Alfredo is not very happy…

The plot thickens as Alfredo and Jean-Marc challenge each others vocals abilities. Just as they agree to sing something together, a third waiter bursts into the scene. He is American. The show evolves into a dynamic vocal trio and only at the finale are their true identities revealed.

The Three Waiters – Performance


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