Tim Cavanagh

Tim Cavanagh

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Hilariously funny corporate comedian


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How important is laughter? Well, they say laughter is the best medicine. But they also say laughter is contagious. Hmmm. Comedian Tim Cavanagh may not shed any light on this apparent contradiction, but he’s sure to make people laugh.

Over the last twenty years, Tim has brought his clean and engaging comedy to hundreds of corporate audiences across America (except in Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming, three frustratingly elusive states in which Tim has never performed). IBM, Quaker Oats, Farm Credit Services, Glaxo SmithKline, and General Electric are but a handful of his satisfied clients. He even performed once for a group from the Royal Bank of Canada, who said they had “a ton of fun.” To this day, Tim wonders if they might have been talking a metric ton, which would be even more than our American ton of fun! And did you ever notice that Canada is right on the way to Alaska? That would have been sweeeet!

Tim brings to the corporate/ association world a customized comedy show that hits just the right notes. He always does his homework (with the TV OFF, by the way), learning about each company/ association and its issues and personalities. He then tailors his material to create a unique show that hits home for that particular audience. It’s never a “canned” speech (so there’s never a danger of botulism). He delivers a fresh, personalized, unforgettably fun comedy experience. His clean, clever, audience-involving style is perfect for any business event.

Over the years, Tim has shared the stage with such comedy greats as Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, Drew Carey, and Jay Leno. He has also appeared on ABC-TV, Comedy Central, Showtime, and Comcast. He is a regular guest on dozens of radio programs, including “The Bob and Tom Show,” a syndicated comedy talk show heard on 150 stations nationwide (including Montana and Wyoming, but sadly not Alaska). The legendary “Dr. Demento Show,” BBC Radio 4, and XM satellite radio have all played Tim’s funny songs.

Clean Corporate Comedy


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