Todd Buchholz

Speaker Todd Buchholz Keynotes on the Economy

Todd Buchholz

Speaker Todd Buchholz Keynotes on the Economy

Speaker: Todd Buchholz

A former White House economic policy advisor and Wall Street executive, Todd Buchholz puts the domestic and global economic crisis in perspective.


  • Is the Economy Headed Higher — or Off a Cliff?
  • How to Compete in A Global Economy
  • Election 2016— What’s at Stake?
  • Rush: Why You Need and Love the Rat Race
  • New Ideas from Dead CEOs
  • The Hope and Danger Behind World Politics

The former White House director of economic policy and past managing director of the $15 billion Tiger hedge fund, keynote speaker Todd Buchholz has both crafted economic policy as a public servant and invested in the market. In entertaining presentations refreshingly free of investment jargon, Buchholz shows audiences how to interpret strategy-altering phenomena for wiser, sounder investments, providing you with a snapshot of the market to come: what companies are on the right track to success, what you can learn from them and how their successes can be yours as well. Buchholz discusses critical issues, conveys practical survival tactics and shows audiences how to adapt to the ever-changing global economy.

Buchholz, a contributing editor for Worth magazine, has authored numerous books, including the critically acclaimed Market Shock, New Ideas from Dead Economists, From Here To Economy and Bringing the Jobs Home. His latest releases include the business leadership book New Ideas from Dead CEOs and Rush: Why You Need and Love the Rat Race.

Is the Economy Headed Higher — or Off a Cliff?

The go-go days of the 1990’s turned into the go-backwards days of the 2000’s. What’s next? How will China’s explosive growth shake up business? Will commodity inflation unhinge the economy again? Can Fed chair Ben Bernanke keep the economy recovering? Will Congress try yet another “stimulus?” Todd Buchholz, who led the White House Energy Strategy, will help you figure out whether OPEC will tighten the energy noose again. Learn how the “scissors economy” opens up new business and investment opportunities. Today might be the very best—or the very worst—time to finance a loan. By “connecting the dots” of the world economy, Buchholz will help you develop a timely vision for the economy and the stock market.

How to Compete in A Global Economy

Never before have businesses felt such excruciating pressure to compete. While riding a roller coaster stock market, firms have struggled to raise prices, even when their costs go up. China poses a threat but also an opportunity for new sales. Loyal customers seem ready to jump to a competitor. How can your company or industry survive and thrive? What will Congress do to help or hurt your industry in the coming year? Learn how to anticipate the new trends that open up fresh opportunities for manufacturing, service and technology companies.

Election 2016— What’s at Stake?

As former White House adviser, Buchholz takes you inside the hottest debates in Washington. Who’s pushing the buttons on economic policy and industry regulation? Can President Obama do anything to reshape the economic and business landscape while facing up to a GOP-controlled Congress? Can Ben Bernanke handle the bitter criticism over QE2? Will new environmental regulations invigorate or cripple the business climate? Who will lead the Republicans into the 2016 presidential election? What’s at stake for the economy, the financial markets and geopolitics? Buchholz will help you figure out whether the shenanigans in Washington make life easier or tougher for your company.

Rush: Why You Need and Love the Rat Race

Todd Buchholz, author of the classic New Ideas from Dead Economists and New Ideas from Dead CEOs, reveals why we need competition to keep us going and going strong. Weaving in everything from neuroeconomics to evolutionary biology to renaissance art to General Motors, Buchholz will convince you that the race to compete has not only made us taller and smarter, it’s what we love and need. In his provocative presentation, Buchholz explains why laid-back firms get entangled in their own red-tape and why contented CEOs end up driving their employees to bankruptcy court. While Buchholz argues that businesses need internal competition, he shows how to inspire creative competition, rather than a shark-infested culture. This is a cutting edge presentation that defies and shreds conventional wisdom.

New Ideas from Dead CEOs

Buchholz brings to life history’s greatest CEOs—from Steve Jobs to Ray Kroc to Akio Morita, Estee Lauder to Tom Watson Sr.—and shows how their lives, leadership and lessons can inform and inspire us in today’s chaotic marketplace. How did Sam Walton help create the “scissors economy” and go from being the owner of a single dime store to the CEO of Wal-Mart? How did Estée Lauder, a working-class woman from Queens, convince the shoppers at Saks to buy her cosmetics? How did the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 eventually lead to A.P. Giannini’s success as America’s greatest banker? Buchholz answers these questions and shows today’s business managers how to deploy their entrepreneurial secrets to benefit their companies in today’s hypercompetitive global economy. Buchholz uses his experience as a White House economist, Harvard scholar and Wall Street professional to show investors what kinds of CEOs to invest with, and what kinds of companies to steer away from. In addition, Buchholz lays out a forecast for the economy and the financial markets. The audience will come away from the presentation with a fresh understanding of the competitive pressures we face today and a roadmap to finding success.

China: The Threat and the Opportunity

Everyone knows China offers 1 billion potential customers. But China also provides 1 billion workers eager to compete with American workers. The Chinese Communist party has shed its communist ideology, but it still struggles to keep its people under control. By showing audiences how to anticipate China’s next moves, Buchholz will help you take advantage of the incredible business opportunities ahead, while avoiding the landmines. 

The Hope and Danger Behind World Politics

Since September 11 the world has changed, looking even more dangerous than during the Cold War era when the Soviet Union aimed missiles at the U.S. In just a few weeks during the winter of 2011, the map of the Middle East turned upside down, reposing dictators and replacing them with…who knows? Buchholz takes his audience on a world tour to gauge the “hot spots” that threaten us. At the same time, though, we must appreciate the successes: the countries that have turned from dictatorships to democracies; the economies that have dumped communism for capitalism. As a former “point man” for the White House during the Gulf War, Buchholz shows his audience how to handle the risks while keeping hope alive. Recently, The New York Times editorial page called on Buchholz to make sense of the terrorism threat.

Todd Buchholz


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