Tom Flick

nfl and change keyntoe speaker

Tom Flick

nfl and change keyntoe speaker

Speaker: Tom Flick

All-Pro Authority on Leadership, Leading Change, and Increasing Performance


  • Leading Change: Empowering Successful Transformation
  • The Heart of Leadership: Leading People to Excellence
  • True Urgency: A Highly Focused Force
  • Leading Legacy Teams: Achieving Top Team Performance

A dynamic and highly sought-after speaker, leadership expert Tom Flick has delivered over 3,000 presentations to a “who’s-who” list of clients that includes Microsoft, Starbucks, Hallmark, Boeing, American Express, NASA, Ritz-Carlton Hotels and the Pentagon. Flick addresses more than 100,000 men and women each year and has garnered a reputation around the world as an authority on leadership, helping organizations develop leaders, leading change effectively and increasing teamwork, communication, and performance skills.

Flick’s passion for raising more effective leaders is achieved by his unique gift to connect with the listener’s heart as well as their head. Understanding that people, not programs, help organizations change and grow, he draws on his leadership experience as a former NFL quarterback for seven seasons and his extensive work in corporate America to provide actionable solutions that allow people to become peak performers both personally and professionally.

Mentored by leadership and change experts Dennis Goin and Harvard Professor Dr. John Kotter, Flick uses his exceptional talent as a deft storyteller to inspire audiences to lead change, to recognize opportunities for growth, and to adopt a leadership mindset.

An interactive and engaging speaker, Flick customizes his presentations based on each organization’s needs, collaborating directly with the client to ensure a stellar presentation with measurable takeaways for the client and their organization. His exceptional ability to communicate clear business solutions with humor, wit, and razor-sharp insight makes Tom Flick an in-demand business speaker.

Leading Change: Empowering Successful Transformation
The ability to change quickly and well can mean the difference between an organization thriving or dying. When a major change arises, getting it right becomes imperative. Flick will equip leaders with the proper understanding of how successful change is created in this presentation. Organizations that lead change effectively can take advantage of significant opportunities, avoid looming hazards, and thereby create enormous value.

The Heart of Leadership: Leading People to Excellence
Great leaders mobilize people to unexpected achievement by winning over hearts and minds. They arouse determination towards emotionally compelling goals creating decisive advantage. In this presentation, Flick empowers more leaders at all levels of the organization to create winning attitudes, confidence, and extraordinary belief systems that generate consistent winning results.

True Urgency: A Highly Focused Force
With true urgency, people respond with action now, not later, ignited by a deeply-felt determination to make something happen. True urgency is acting with purpose, intent, and focus every day. It’s about tackling challenges that are essential to success or survival, winning or losing. In this presentation, Flick will foster results in your people that you very much want and the world very much needs.

Leading Legacy Teams: Achieving Top Team Performance
Today’s business environment requires a committed, cohesive workforce. Moving people from a position of compliance to one of commitment is a powerful business advantage. Your employees will be motivated, energized, focused, and better prepared to meet the challenges of an ever-changing business world.


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