Top Gun, Military Speaker – John Foley – Former Lead Solo Pilot, US Navy Blue Angels

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Top Gun, Military Speaker – John Foley – Former Lead Solo Pilot, US Navy Blue Angels

Military Speaker Inspiring High Performance Through Operational Excellence And A Glad To Be Here Mindset

Military Speaker John Foley is much more than just an inspiring message. John Foley provides a unique and high-powered keynote experience that elevates the audience by surrounding them with sounds, sights and the incredible knowledge of what it means to achieve the highest levels of performance.

Over the years military speaker John Foley has collected best practices that makes his keynote experiences unique and memorable, driving the success of your event as well as business and strategic outcomes.

Speaker John Foley Blue Angels Motivational keynote
Military Speaker, John Foley

Recognized as one of the top 10 Most in Demand Keynote Speakers, Military speaker and author John has delivered keynotes and training for the highest performing companies in almost every industry inspiring high performance, teamwork, and leadership. Using the discipline that only a Military Speaker possesses, John Foley will wow your audience from start to finish.

There is no greater jaw-dropping keynote experience than feeling the roar of F-18’s flying in formation 18-inches apart and being inspired by the one and only unique energy of a former Lead Solo Pilot and Commander who helped the Blue Angels build a high performing organization regarded as the best of the best. 

EVERYONE will leave inspired, amazed and ready to take their performance to the next level.

Powerful Topics to Drive Performance Higher

We’re experts in taking organizations and their teams to peak levels of performance with high-energy keynotes covering leadership, teamwork, trust, culture and mindset.


Creating a Culture of Performance & Excellence

High Performance is a mindset, a process, and a commitment to a culture of excellence that accelerates every day performance and achievement.


Powerful Performance Leadership

The Blue Angel approach to leadership is unique and inspires trust through confidence, with open and honest communication. Every team member is a leader driving expectations.


Unwavering Trust

Picture this: two jets, on a collision course, 1000 mph rate of closure, and the goal is to miss the other jet by a wingspan.  An extreme trust makes this maneuver possible, and when that relationship and process is transposed onto the world of business, the results are incredible.


The Power of Teamwork

Blue Angel precision is built on a solid foundation of teamwork around a common objective or CenterPoint. Unified alignment collapses barriers, and creates a powerful culture of action.


Innovation and Performance in Transformation

In the digital age, innovation and transformation surrounds us. Engaging with advances mid-stream requires a unique mindset. Once you’ve arrived, how do you sustain change?


Elevated Beliefs and Raising Performance Expectations

People and teams operate at the level of their beliefs. When we raise the level of those beliefs, performance will follow. A performance mindset wins.


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