Victoria Labalme

Victoria Labalme

Speaker: Victoria Labalme

Creative Communications Strategist


  • The Throughline™ – Deliver Your Best Performance In Business & Life
  • The Prism Effect™ – Tap Into Your Hidden Talents To Master Communication
  • Crazy-Busy-Nuts: Communicate & Connect In A Fast Paced World

Performing artist and communications catalyst Victoria LaBalme brings 20 years of professional theater, comedy, movement, and film to the business community, with a specialty in applying the performing arts to the communications and relationship building industry. She works with individuals and organizations who want to increase their impact; build meaningful and profitable relationships; and reconnect with the creativity and passion to inspire their best work.

A graduate of Stanford University with a distinguished academic record, LaBalme has created customized events for Starbucks, IBM, Intel, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Western Union, Verizon, London Life Insurance, New York Life Insurance, PNC Bank, Irwin Union Bank, State Farm Insurance, McDonald’s, Million Dollar Round Table, ADP, AAA, YMCA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, 24 Hour Fitness, Precor, American Heart Association, Chick-Fil-A, Administaff, Bosley, JetBlue University, the NYPD, US GSA, the Canadian Government, and a full range of university and educational institutions.

Her “theatrical keynote” and interactive sessions draw on her decades in show biz with appearances that include: Caroline’s on Broadway, Stand Up New York, Gotham Comedy Club, HBO’s Sex & The City, ABC/Good Morning America’s stage; film documentaries directed by Academy Award nominees; NBC news; television commercials including a 1998 Super Bowl spot; work with legendary mime Marcel Marceau; off-Broadway shows and festival events along with comics from The David Letterman Show and Saturday Night Live.

Through her seminars and private coaching sessions on presentation skills and communication skills, she has worked with literally thousands of presenters and teams – CEOs, senior executives, managers and sales teams, financial advisors, consultants, communications directors, professional speakers, administrative assistants, lawyers, and New York Times best-selling authors. Known in the speaking industry as a “Master Performance Coach,” LaBalme has created and delivered workshops and seminars to professional speakers at The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the National Speakers Association and has been a private coach for scores of top presenters in the field.

LaBalme is also the Creative Director of Little Works Greeting Cards, furthering her message of communication and connection.

The Throughline™ – Deliver Your Best Performance In Business & Life

What can your business learn from the performing arts? A lot.

From the importance of a clearly defined “Throughline” to “Staging a Meeting”…from understanding “Subtext” to the importance of “Souvenirs” …from “Velcro Communication” to “Story & Script” this event is filled with content and creative ideas from the performing arts to move your team into a class of their own.

Learn stage and screen secrets used by the world’s best actors and directors to Communicate, Connect, and Come Alive…and for those in the business world, to also transform your bottom line.

The Prism Effect™ – Tap Into Your Hidden Talents To Master Communication

Are your people as engaged as they could be, tapping into their hidden talents to maximize innovation, productivity and world class communication skills?

Are they taking advantage of the multiple opportunities to stand out in a crowded market? Or building relationships in a unique and compelling way?

In this Keynote Performance™, Victoria will help your team discover and apply their hidden talents and then use those talents to communicate and innovate at higher levels than they ever thought possible. Based on her transformational systems of The Throughline™ and The Prism Effect™, this performance is like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Crazy-Busy-Nuts: Communicate & Connect In A Fast Paced World

Does time feel like it’s moving faster and faster?

Do you get caught up in the busy day-to-day tasks and lose sight of your larger vision?

Learn to stop time.

Think it’s impossible? It’s not.

In this comedic, high content and dynamic performance, Victoria shines a bright light on the challenging issues in your organization and transforms people’s mindset by delivering practical tools for how to cut through the chaos and connect with what truly matters.

Packed with customized humor and cutting-edge techniques, this keynote provides your teams with the specific skills needed to move beyond the “crazy busy” mindset, transform their communications, and lead more productive, meaningful lives.


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