Vince Poscente

Speaker Vince Poscente motivational business keynote speaker

Vince Poscente

Speaker Vince Poscente motivational business keynote speaker

Speaker: Vince Poscente

Olympian, Business Consultant and New York Times Best Selling Author


  • The Age of Speed
  • Big Goals in Short Order
  • Accelerate Reinvention

Keynote speaker Vince Poscente is a master communicator who speaks from experience. Experience that that lights up a room full of people or jumps off the page in an entertaining and substantive way.

“We will not thrive by „coping‟ our way to BIG GOALS. Seeking to “manage” our way to bottom line results is also not the way. We will individually and organizationally thrive by accelerating towards extraordinary outcomes with one, overarching philosophy – Do what the competition is not willing to do.”

Now is the time to use speaker Vince Poscente’s expertise to your advantage. His against-all- odds Olympic strategy is powerful way to have your team reach BIG GOALS fast. Vince is a business guy who decided he would compete in the Olympics four years after his 26th birthday. At the age of 30 Poscente was vying for Gold, blasting down the mountain at an incredible 135 mph on skis. With his acumen for speedy goals, he soon became a prolific author, consultant and speaker, guiding corporations around the globe toward accelerated personal and organizational results.

While others in your industry may tend to ‘hang-on,’ Poscente illustrates how to get down to business and up to speed for a competitive advantage. Through powerful examples and edge of your seat stories, your audience will be energized and ready to tackle the tough challenges ahead of them.

“Simple motivation is not the only thing audiences want to hear today. My job is to light the path of how we surprise even ourselves with BIG GOALS in Short Order.”

The Age of Speed

Using concepts from his bestselling books, The Age of Speed and The Ant & the Elephant, Vince shares his Olympic experience and the ‘speed’ model that took him from a recreational skier to vying for Gold in speed skiing in 4 short years. Give your audiences an invigorating perspective that reveals:

  • Innovation at Work – audiences learn how to innovate in any business situation using Poscente’s ‘recreational skier to Olympian in four years’ model.
    • Competitive Advantages – you will internalize a powerful change in how to compete using the approach “Do what the competition is not willing to do.”
    • Leadership for the Self – high speed results are possible in cultures that foster an attitude of “Owning the solution.”
    • Speed of Execution – learn from The Age of Speed’s “Jet Profile” where employees and companies embrace Agility, Aerodynamics and Alignment.
    • Taking Control – with infectious energy, warmth and humor, Poscente delivers an experience that translates into an empowered audience.

Big Goals in Short Order

A few years ago, Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) were the ultimate stretch target. Now, people want to accelerate those big goals in short order. Olympic competitor and New York Times best-selling author Vince Poscente uses his signature wit and wisdom to tell his unforgettable “recreational skier to Olympics in four years” story. Audiences are amazed by his experience and learn how to reach their goals in a shorter amount of time.

Accelerate Reinvention

This keynote speech is designed to help audience members reinvent, reignite and rejuvenate in the business of life. Vince Poscente switches setback into set-free. This is a fast and fun way to redefine how to thrive in a competitive marketplace.


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