Vinny Boles

Vinny Boles Military leadership speaker

Vinny Boles

Vinny Boles Military leadership speaker

Speaker: Vinny Boles

Retired Major General, Author, and Expert on Leadership and Logistics Excellence

Speech Topics Include:

  • What? How? Who?: The 3 Critical Questions Leaders Must Ask and Answer4-3-2-1 Leadership….Tools You Can Use Now!

    Leveraging The Links In Your Supply Chain

    Leadership – That Tool That Lies Between Juggling and Magic

Major General (Retired) and speaker Vinny Boles was commissioned from the ARMY ROTC program at Niagara University as a Distinguished Military Graduate in 1976.He has served in a variety of assignments over a 33 year career, to include Command at every possible level and a number of combat deployments.

His final Army assignment was as the Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, G4 on the Army Staff in the Pentagon, where he oversaw Logistics Operations and Readiness for the 1.1 million Soldier force to include the surges into Iraq and Afghanistan.

Retiring in 2009 to Madison, Alabama, he established Vincent E. Boles, Inc. A leadership and logistics consulting practice, speaking and working with corporate and association groups around the nation and overseas on the subject of Leaders and their team’s “Best Getting Better”. As a speaker Vinny Boles’ audiences have included: Deloitte; Fidelity; USAA; Ernst and Young; AIG; The United States Secret Service; The Boy Scouts of America and The American College.

He is the author of “4-3-2-1 Leadership…What America’s Sons and Daughters Taught Me on the Road from 2d Lieutenant to 2 Star General” Now in its 3rd printing a recent review of the book commented:

“He didn’t write this book exclusively for the military audience and he does us all a great service by putting these leadership lessons into one volume and sharing them”

In 2011 he was inducted in the US Army Ordnance Corps and Niagara University ROTC Halls of Fame. He serves as an adjunct professor of Leadership and Logistics at the University of Alabama Huntsville and the Defense Acquisition University – South.

What? How? Who?: The 3 Critical Questions Leaders Must Ask and Answer
The fog in leadership today is too much…too much data without information; too many choices without criteria; too many inputs masquerading as “need to know” that in realty are just noise. It all distracts leaders and teams from developing the focus and synergy that determines success.

Using his 4 decades of battlefield, classroom and boardroom experience – tested in the toughest crucibles – Major General Boles provides the tools for leaders and teams to optimize performance.

Your leaders and teams will leave the event armed with the three questions they must ask AND answer before committing themselves to a task. Questions they can begin using immediately. The questions are not complicated but they are vital.

1. What is the standard you are committing yourself and your team to accomplish?
2. How will the team attain that standard?
3. Who is in charge of what?

4-3-2-1 Leadership….Tools You Can Use Now!
Leaders today don’t require the kind of help that sounds good in a PowerPoint presentation but fades under the heat and pressure of reality. They need tools that hold up when the stakes are high, so that they can be better practitioners of their leadership craft. Using his 33 years of experience in leading America’s sons and daughters and providing the right support in the toughest conditions, Major General Boles delivers time tested tools you can begin using right now. Items like:

4 expectations teams have of leaders
3 critical questions leaders need to ask AND answer
2 reasons for stress in teams
1 truth to never forget when leading

Leveraging The Links In Your Supply Chain
Drawing on his 3 decades as a career soldier and logistician at every level, Major General Boles will walk through the links in the world’s largest and most complex supply chain from the port to the Pentagon and highlight 4 critical issues that will snag/kink your supply chain:

• Standards you use
• Systems you put in place to attain those standards
• Who is in charge of the critical points of intersection?
• Metrics: Leading, Lagging . . .what and how you measure

Providing real world examples of what worked, what didn’t, and why – Major General Boles will lay out a real-world depiction of a supply chain in motion. You and your team will have “news you can use” to better optimize your supply chain, whether across town or around the globe.

Leadership – That Tool That Lies Between Juggling and Magic
Juggling is a verb defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as: to keep several objects in motion in the air at the same time by repeatedly throwing and catching them.

Magic is a noun meaning: a power that allows people to do impossible things by saying special words or performing special actions.

Leadership is that topic that, alphabetically, finds itself between these two, and often is confused with them. As evidenced by these questions and replies often asked of, and heard from, leaders: “What are you doing? I’m just keeping balls in the air” or “How did we make that happen? Magic.”

Bringing his 40 years of military and business expertise to groups around the globe ranging from 40 to 4,000, Major General Vincent “Vinny” Boles provides a lens to view your (and your team’s) leadership practices, processes and actions. He works to create a structure to ensure they are consciously and proactively providing the maximum value added to your organization’s most precious resource: its human capital.

Vincent Boles Military Leadership Keynote Speaker


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