VIRTUALLY (keynote) SPEAKING | JIM CARROLL Renowned Futurist & Trends Expert

Speaker Jim Carroll Futurist Keynote Speaker

VIRTUALLY (keynote) SPEAKING | JIM CARROLL Renowned Futurist & Trends Expert

Global Futurist, Business Trends & Leadership Expert JIM CARROLL on Virtually (keynote) Speaking, in 3, 2, 1…

Jim Carroll is an internationally recognized expert on leadership, global business trends, and the future.  He has delivered entertaining, though provoking, and engaging keynotes around the globe for the last 25+ years and now your team can learn from and enjoy Jim’s  highly customized trends &
industry research, delivered in a compelling motivational style from the comfort of their remote workspace (or couch). Virtually (keynote) Speaking is not as simply as hitting “join meeting” on a zoom call and talking, it takes an experienced and thoughtful approach to make these talks impacting and worthwhile. Jim and the team at Collaborative Agency Group bring a combined 50+ years of experience to the table.

Check out the video below, as Jim walks you through the process of producing a VIRTUAL KEYNOTE from his state of the art green screen studio in his home. From Jim’s home to your c-suite, membership or workforce.

Jim does not delivered canned remarks, he delivers highly customized and researched material based on your industry and the goals of your event. Below are some popular topical structures Jim speaks on:


Why Book Jim Carroll?

No doubt, as you search for someone for your event, you’ve see a zillion speakers. And let’s face it : few of them will offer up the highly customized, heavily researched insight that Jim Carroll will offer you. Simply look at the highlights page to get a sense of the unique topics that he takes on.

You don’t need canned stuff – your event needs a talk based on real research, solutions, insight. And that’s Jim Carroll, a futurist with a global reputation for his customized research and delivery.
Learn why with this short video.

You can view Jim’s complete playlist, topic ideas, and biographical information on the Collaborative Agency Groups website here.

Just want to check out Jim’s playlist?  Check that out here.

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