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People like to talk about themselves. They also love to hear stories about experiences familiar to them. The famous theme song from Cheers said it best, “Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.” Corporate entertainers The Water Coolers take that concept, add hilarious comedy, original music and parodies of familiar songs, and use NYC comics and singers to celebrate the crazy, funny, maddening and yet somehow universally comforting insanity of everyday life. The Water Coolers created the act originally for the meetings industry but, since our Off Broadway run in 2002, The Water Coolers has found an enthusiastic and devoted audience in the mainstream entertainment world.

Constantly updating our material is an ongoing process, since people approach us with ideas for songs at every show we do. The interesting thing is, say a song idea is given to us at a meeting or corporate event for senior management in Seattle. We’ll develop it and, when we perform it months later for a convention of sales reps in Boston, someone will run up to us exclaiming, “Hey! Thats my life!” It seems that by musically and comically celebrating what everyone goes through, The Water Coolers are providing, for a few minutes anyway, that place where everybody knows your name.

Corporate entertainers The Water Coolers specializes in comedy songs and sketches about work, life and everything in between.  Kids, cars, computers, daycare, and deadlines — if you’ve talked about it around the water cooler, odds are we have a hilarious song about it.

When we do a corporate or association event, we start with that ever-increasing wealth of material about life and work.  After learning about your event and your audience, we build a set list that aligns with your objective, fits with your culture, and is on target for your attendees.  For example…

  • For audiences that travel a lot, we do our “Air Travel Medley” including “Flying In Economy” (sung to the tune of Leaving On A Jet Plane) and “De-Lay” (Harry Belafonte’s Day-O).
  • For sales audiences, we might do “Nowhere Close To My Quota” (Somewhere Over the Rainbow) and “We Are the Sales Reps” (We Are the Champions).
  • For audiences that spend a lot of time dealing with technology we’ll include our IT medley, which speaks to anyone ever held captive by a help line (“And Hold Please”), who has pretended to understand an IT guy (“The I.T. Cowboy”), or found themselves judged by how many words a minute they can type with their thumbs (“Blackberry”).

Where possible, language can be added to introductions that speak directly to the audience.

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