Women’s History Month!

women's history month

Women’s History Month!

We here at the Collaborative Agency Group / Speakers Bureau have the distinct honor to work with many incredible women who are shaping the future of the world we live in. From noted journalists and news anchors like Katty Kay and Lisa Ling, to successful business luminaries and authors like Anne Mahlum and Linda Kaplan Thaler, to health care field heros who over the past year have given their heart and soul to combat the Covid pandemic, like Rachel Sherman and Dr Natalie Stavas.

With gratitude and awe, we thank all the strong women in our lives who make a difference on a local and global stage. With honor we present a favorite poem by famed poet and DEI speaker Nikki Giovanni :



her grandmother called her from the playground

“yes, ma’am” “

I want chu to learn how to make rolls” said the old woman proudly

but the little girl didn’t want

to learn how because she knew

even if she couldn’t say it that

that would mean when the old one died she would be less

dependent on her spirit

so she said

“I don’t want to know how to make no rolls”

with her lips poked out

and the old woman wiped her hands on

her apron saying “lord these children”

and neither of them ever

said what they meant

and i guess nobody ever does

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