Dr Jen Welter the First Female NFL Coach and Sought After Keynote Speaker

first female NFL coach

Dr Jen Welter the First Female NFL Coach and Sought After Keynote Speaker

Hear from a Trailblazer  Dr Jen Welter

first female nfl coach . sports psychologist . gold medalist

first female NFL coach

Dr. Jen Welter is the first female to coach in the NFL. In the summer of 2015, she served as a linebackers coach for the Arizona Cardinals, a period of time defined by the bond she has formed with the players. Widely known as a trailblazer and pioneer in professional football, becoming the first woman to coach in the NFL was only her most recent first. She most recently served  as a defensive specialist for the Alliance of American Football (AAF)

Hear from a Trailblazer first female NFL coach . sports psychologist . gold medalist

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Why Book Dr. Jen Welter?

-Dr. Jen Welter is the first female to serve as an NFL coach.

-She uses her story to inspires others to recognize their own potential and to break through their own life barriers

-She highlights the value of developing teams with diverse perspectives and talents to strengthen the organization’s competitive advantage.

Speech Topics

Diversity in the Workforce

Organizations across the globe have recognized the need to engage and develop the next generation of diverse talent in order to continue the growth of the industry. However, with an industry still facing a gender imbalance, drawing from leaders in the industry is even more important to drive the change. Hear from DR. JEN WELTER as she discusses the importance of changing the field by building a diverse workforce and becoming a force for change.

Authentic Leadership

Jen Welter changed the game when she became the first female to coach an NFL team. Not only did she successfully help lead the Arizona Cardinals to win the 2015 NFC West division title, she also earned their respect and trust by forming a strong bond and believing in them—with many of those she guided on the field years ago still calling her “coach” to this day. Illustrating the importance of devotion to one’s team and being a team player, Welter outlines for audiences how authenticity is critical to effective leadership with her on- and off-the-field strategies for anyone who wants to coach their own team to the end zone.

The Psychology of Winning: Cultivating A Champion’s Mindset

With a master’s in sports psychology and a doctorate in psychology, trailblazing NFL coach, Dr. Jen Welter truly knows what it takes to develop a winning mindset. Drawing on her academic and professional experiences, including on the field training , Dr. Welter reveals her proven techniques for identifying certain mental characteristics, attitudes and behaviors to effectively train your own team to achieve success. Take away new perspective on what it really takes to effectively motivate and improve the performance of individuals and groups in the most competitive environments and applicable tactics for cultivating winning mindsets within your organization.

Dr Jen Welter’s book

Play Big: Lessons in Being Limitless from the First Woman to Coach in the NFL

An inspiring, gutsy handbook for success from the first woman to ever coach in the NFL

When Jen Welter became a linebackers coach for the Arizona Cardinals in 2015, she was the first woman to ever break the glass sideline of the NFL. In Play Big, Welter reveals the grit that it took to be a trailblazer in the ultimate boys’ club.

Pre-NFL, Welter was an undersized, underestimated athlete who made sacrifice after sacrifice to achieve her football dreams — rising to the top of women’s football leagues and eventually daring to play against men twice her size. Play Big lays out how she succeeded despite the odds, through force of will and determination, revealing the wisdom Welter gained over countless setbacks and challenges. With vivid wit and candor, Play Big will coach you to do the same — whatever your obstacles might be — while translating Welter’s hard-earned advice for cultivating true perseverance and toughness.


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