Suneel Gupta Speaker, Author of “Backable”, founder of RISE and faculty at Harvard University

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Suneel Gupta Speaker, Author of “Backable”, founder of RISE and faculty at Harvard University

Suneel Gupta Speaker, the Founder of RISE, was named the “New Face of Innovation” by the New York Stock Exchange.  Just two short years after foudning Rise, the company was aquired by One Medical.  Suneel has gone on to be a valued thoughts leader in entreprenuairal circles, focused on innovation and fostering innovative ideas…in short identifying what is Backable!  The result of these experinces is Suneel’s recently released book Backable: The Surprising Truth Behind What Makes People Take a Chance on You.

Suneel can bring his book to life for you at your nexet event, whenther it’s a live in-person conference or a virtual live stream and Q & A, Suneel is ready!

The Book

Being Backable is no longer just for celebrities and CEOs. It’s for all of us. From the mother of 3 who’s re-entering the workforce to the airline employee who’s just been furloughed. In a topsy-turvy world, learning how to be backable has gone from nice to necessary.

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The “It Quality” Can Be Learned – Being backable is not about charisma, connections or even your resume — but rather your ability to persuade people to take a chance on you and your ideas. The good news? This “it quality” can be learned.

Inside Backable are long-held secrets from extraordinary people, including Oscar-winning filmmakers, members of Congress, culinary stars, venture capitalists, and founders of iconic companies — along with 7 simple steps that you can use to immediately make yourself backable

The Author

SUNEEL GUPTA SPEAKER is the founder of RISE and is on faculty at Harvard University. Using the seven steps inside this book, Suneel went from being the face of failure for the New York Times to being the “New Face of Innovation” for the New York Stock Exchange. His ideas have been backed by firms like Greylock and Google Ventures, and he has invested in startups including Airbnb, Calm, and SpaceX. Suneel also serves as an emissary for Gross National Happiness between the United States and the Kingdom of Bhutan.


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