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Alan Parisse

An expert in change, leadership, Future Trends, selling and sustaining success

Alan Parisse is an expert who combines insight and wit in dealing with difficult challenges. He is a Speaker for the 2lst Century, according to Successful Meetings Magazine. He helps audiences reframe their thinking, let go of the past, organize for the future and take action. He helps his audiences approach the future grounded in confidence and energized by powerful new perspectives.

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Bill Eager

Internet Pioneer and Technology Expert

Bill Eager is an Internet and technology pioneer. He has spent the past twelve years researching, writing, speaking about and implementing electronic communication systems

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Byron Reese

Author of “Infinite Progress: How Technology Will End Ignorance, Disease, Hunger, Poverty, and War”, Futurist,and Technologist

Byron Reese brings his vast technical understanding to illuminate how today’s technology can solve many of our biggest global challenges. Author of “Infinite Progress: How Technology and the Internet Will End Ignorance, Disease, Hunger, Poverty, and War,” Byron’s enthusiasm and talent for deciphering our common destiny is overshadowed only by his inspiring sense of optimism

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Daniel Burrus

Technology Futurist and Business Strategist

Daniel Burrus is considered one of the World’s Leading Futurists on Global Trends and Innovation. The New York Times has referred to him as one of the top three business gurus in the highest demand as a speaker. He is a strategic advisor to executives from Fortune 500 companies helping them to develop game-changing strategies based on his proven methodologies for capitalizing on technology innovations and their future impact.

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David Houle

Renowned Business Futurist and Author

David Houle is a futurist, advisor and speaker who has always been ahead the curve. Having spent more than 20 years in media and entertainment, Houle has worked at NBC, CBS and was part of the senior executive team that created and launched MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1 and CNN Headline News.

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David Thornburg

The country’s premiere educational technology futurist

David is an award-winning futurist, author and consultant whose clients range across the public and private sector across the planet.

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David Weinberger

One of the foremost interpreters of technology’s impact on business and society, Author of Too Big to Know: Rethinking Knowledge Now That the Facts Aren’t the Facts, Experts Are Everywhere, and the Smartest Person in the Room Is the Room.

David has been called a “marketing guru” by the Wall Street Journal, he is co-author of the influential bestseller The Cluetrain Manifesto (1999), and author of the critically acclaimed bookSmall Pieces Loosely Joined (2002), a highly original and accessible reflection on the human impact of the internet.

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David Zach

Futurist, Expert on Innovation and Trends

David Zach is one of the few professionally trained futurists on this planet, having earned a master’s degree in Studies of the Future from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. He gives funny and thought-provoking keynote speeches on the future of technology, economics, business, education, demographics and society.

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Don Reynolds

Real World Economist, the Paranoid Optimist

Don Reynolds believes in the greatness of America. As the Paranoid Optimist, he vigilantly monitors the global economy and financial markets. His predictions are based on studious research and analysis, coupled with his expertise in understanding the future of economic powerhouses and emerging markets across the globe.

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Douglas Goldstein

A leading health care author, entrepreneur and “eFuturist”

As an eFuturist, Doug delivers the latest insights on positive health transformation though innovation and leadership. As a leader, Doug motivates people to think out of the box to solve problems and create a positive health future.

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