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 The world’s most trusted authorities on parenting, family life, the impact of technology and translating brain science into everyday practice

Speech Topics Include:

Parenting With The Brain In Mind: What Science Tells Us About Raising Smart, Healthy Kids

Why Do They Act That Way? A Survival Guide To The Adolescent Brain

The Brain Goes To School: What Science Tells Us About Student Achievement

Brain Fitness for Career Success

From Online Safety To Digital Citizenship: Parenting In An Online World

Jolts and Tricks: Unpacking the Power of Media

Keynote Speaker David Walsh, Ph.D. has emerged as one of the world’s leading authorities on children, teens, parenting, family life, and the impact of technology on children’s health and development. He spent 10 years teaching and coaching high school students before joining Fairview Health Services in Minneapolis to develop and direct innovative counseling programs for youth and families. In 1995, Dr. David Walsh founded the internationally renowned National Institute on Media and the Family, which he led until 2010. He recently founded Mind Positive Parenting to help caring adults better understand how to help kids thrive in the 21st century.

Speaker Dave Walsh has presented workshops to parents, educators, and professionals throughout the world. A consultant to the World Health Organization and the Ministries of Education in Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, he has testified before congressional committees on numerous occasions. Dr. Walsh’s workshops blend humor, warmth, scientific substance, and practical advice.

He is the author of nine books, including the national best sellers Why Do They Act That Way? A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen and No: Why Kids – of All Ages – Need to Hear It and Ways Parents Can Say It. This last book serves as the focal point of the national Say Yes to No campaign, which teaches parents and educators how to instill self-discipline in America’s children and ensure our kids our success in school and life. His latest book is Smart Parenting, Smarter Kids: The One Brain Book You Need to Help Your Child Grow Brighter, Healthier, and Happier.

Dr. Walsh has authored columns on numerous topics and his articles have appeared in newspapers across the country, including the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and others.

Speaker David Walsh

Parenting With The Brain In Mind: What Science Tells Us About Raising Smart, Healthy Kids

How can we foster imagination and creativity?

What foods are brain foods?

How can I raise my child’s IQ?

Why is exercise important for brain growth?

Is technology re-wiring kids’ brains?

How can US kids catch up with kids in other countries on those international tests?

Dr. Dave will answer these questions and many others in a workshop based on his newest book, Smart Parenting, Smarter Kids: The One Brain Book You Need to Help Your Child Grow Healthier, Brighter, and Happier. Internationally renowned psychologist, best selling author, and in-demand speaker, Dr. Dave will translate the latest findings from brain science into practical strategies that parents, teachers and anyone concerned about kids can put to use immediately.

Why Do They Act That Way? A Survival Guide To The Adolescent Brain

Adolescence has been described as a “normally abnormal stage of life.” This workshop, based on Dr. David Walsh’s best selling book, explains exactly what happens to the adolescent brain on the path from childhood into adulthood. Revealing the latest scientific findings in easy-to-understand terms, our speakers show why moodiness, quickness to anger, willingness to take risks, miscommunication and other familiar teenage behavior are so common-all are linked to physical changes and growth in the adolescent brain. This workshop goes beyond the well-known issues of hormones and peer pressure. We also shows parents and anyone who works with youth how to use this information to understand, communicate with, and stay connected to their kids.

The Brain Goes To School: What Science Tells Us About Student Achievement

Recent discoveries in brain science are revolutionizing many fields, including education. Best selling author and international speaker Dr. Dave Walsh connects the dots between brain science and the classroom to show how educators can improve students’ concentration, boost their energy, and enhance retention and creativity. From keynote addresses to full day trainings Dr. Walsh brings science to the art of teaching. Topics include…..

Focused versus reactive attention


Working memory and learning: “The Rule of Seven”

Creativity and imagination

Self discipline: the key to school success

Brain food

Exercise as a brain booster

Rested brains work better

Technology and the brain

Brain Fitness for Career Success

We all know how important cardiovascular fitness is for our physical health. Now science has uncovered the secrets to brain health that make us smarter, happier, more alert and energetic. Dr. David Walsh will show you

How to improve your “focused attention” and concentration to improve productivity and performance.

How diet, exercise, and sleep all affect thinking, mood, and energy.

How to hone speaking and communication skills and strategies for maximum effect.

How the “Rule of Seven” is the key to sharp thinking and problem solving.

How to keep the aging brain sharper than the young ones.

This cutting edge workshop can be tailored to fit the needs of your company or professional group from keynote speech to full day training. You and your colleagues will leave with a personal brain fitness plan for higher productivity, increased job satisfaction and a better team performance.

From Online Safety To Digital Citizenship: Parenting In An Online World

Welcome to parenting in Web 2.0. The Internet, social networking, cell phones, video games and other digital innovations are game changers in our work and family life.  We see examples in our kids every day as they multi-task, play on-line video games, create their own YouTube videos, text their friends and post on their Facebook pages. Our speakers will explain how technology is changing the ways that kids learn and socialize. We will also describe both the amazing opportunities associated with growing up in a digital world and the things to watch out for. Parents will leave this workshop with a better understanding of how to maximize the benefits while avoiding the pitfalls of the online world. Our speakers will answer important questions like:

Are kids really good multi-taskers?

Is Internet addiction real?

How can we address cyberbullying?

Is texting connecting us or disconnecting us?

What can young people do to become good, caring digital citizens?

Jolts and Tricks: Unpacking the Power of Media

Whoever tells the stories defines the culture. That isn’t new. What is new is that we have delegated more and more of the storytelling function to mass media. Some media take the art to new heights. Too many, however, specialize in dishing out stories of violence, sex, and humor. Given that young people today spend over 53 hours a week in front of screens, it is more important than ever that we have critical conversations about the powerful role of media in our lives.

In this presentation, our speakers combine the latest discoveries in brain science with up-to-date research and data to explore how media shape norms, attitudes and behaviors. In addition to the opportunities associated with growing up in the 21st century, we will explain how the forces that drive media content don’t always have the best interest of our families and communities in mind. Our speakers will pay special attention to how media influence child and adolescent development during important “windows of opportunity” where young can develop the capacity to be critical consumers and creators of digital media.

This workshop can be tailored to address specific issues including:

Youth culture and self-perception

Psychology of advertising

Violence and aggression

Body image

Sex and sexual risk behaviors

Health and wellness

School climate