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Janet Lapp

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Speaker: Janet Lapp

Author, Inspirational speaker


  • Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air: Guidance through Turbulent Change
  • Dancing with Tigers: Take risks, not chances
  • Teaching Cats to Swim: Overcome resistance to change

Dr. Janet Lapp is the author of Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air and Dancing with Tigers, creator and host of the highly rated CBS-affiliate health series “Keep Well,” and is featured in documentaries such as “Coping with Stress in the Real World.” She is the publisher of The Change Letter, a trend-tracking guide to common-sense change.

Born and raised in Canada, Janet was a registered nurse and nurse manager before graduating magna cum laude in psychology and completing a Ph.D. with Honours from McGill University in Montreal. Awarded a post-doctoral fellowship, she went on to a successful career as a clinician and university professor.

Her ideas have appeared in scholarly journals and in magazines such as The New York Times Magazine, American Health, and Prevention, as well as national trade and association journals.

Now an award-winning speaker, Janet weaves into her programs the humor and richness of her experiences as a parent, musician, athlete and pilot, in a unique, down-to-earth and engaging style.

Dr. Lapp is one of North America’s most celebrated speakers. Described as a cross between Mother Teresa and Tom Peters, her unique and engaging style has captivated audiences from St. Petersburg, Russia to Fortune 100 boardrooms, and she currently addresses over 150 audiences every year around the world.

Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air: Guidance through Turbulent Change
Thrive with current change, retain optimism, and understand and anticipate new trends.
This program will guide you and your team into the future, assist you in developing new skills and thinking for the 21st Century, and help you let go of obsolete thinking and practices

Dancing with Tigers: Take risks, not chances
Risks in times of rapid change demand boldness, yet a careful cost-benefit calculation. This program highlights best-practice risk-taking of successful companies and individuals, and encourages sales and management personnel to break out of old limitations

Teaching Cats to Swim: Overcome resistance to change
These days, managers and salespersons are faced with not only increasing demands for their own performance, they are also challenged to create change in others. This program teaches the best way to convince others to switch course, using key persuasion and influence strategies that work.


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